Failing medical - unconciousness.

My son had another medical today - his 6 monthly 1. He was due to start in September this year, but had a fall last month & was unconsiuous for over 1 hour. He was told today, that as he was unconsious for over30 mins, they could no longer accept him.

He wasn't injured when he came round & was discharged from hospital the next day.

Anything we can do?



He has been rejected as he has a higher risk of post-injury epilepsy than someone with a milder head injury. This risk will have abated 5 years after the injury - there is nothing that can be done until this stage.

The standards are absolute - you can appeal a diagnosis but not our application of the standard. It sounds pretty clear cut in this case though - apologies.

RN Medical Officer
beyoncee said:
I think you have to talk with any good doctor.I will try to find some more information about this. he will get well soon.


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Beyoncee, sweetheart, the question's already been answered by a good Doctor.

Stick to the singing and dancing.

And pack in the spamming.
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