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Failing kit


Lantern Swinger
My son has failed his kit muster 2/3 times now and is in week 8. He's got his last chance Friday else he gets delayed or discharged. Apparently he's not alone. Anyone any advice? How many weeks would you get backdated? I can't stand the stress!


War Hero
Training extensions are a last resort depending on how bad the failure is and his approach to training in general. It can be anything from upwards of 2 weeks.


War Hero
If its 2 weeks and there's nothing else wrong he should have no problem, he could buy the odd items from Slops that he may not be able to get up to scratch. I know its along time since I was in training but that's what some of the back classed lads did, they only had a week, one lad spent his time loafing in the NAAFI instead of working on his kit and didn't pass out . Hope your lads one of the former.


War Hero
Hopefully he will be ok. I can't ask him as they've had phone bans since Sunday. Just hoping he doesn't get back classed 3 weeks as we've booked a long weekend away!
If he does enjoy your long weekend, he has joined the Navy to be come a man, having set backs if he does not make the grade is part of the learning curve, part of that is the phone ban, he is being asked to sort his own problems and not rely on his mum.


War Hero
Super Moderator
Yes I agree but as his mum I need to know asap what's happening as I'm worrying too much :)

With respect Zeb, no you don't. If he is spending his time worrying about how much you are worrying, it will hinder his progress. Allow him the time and the space to sort it out for himself and if he has the right attitude and determination he will prevail. If you have confidence in his ability then you will let this resolve itself either way. Congratulate him if he succeeds and support him if he fails. This is his battle now, not yours.


War Hero
Maybe he's walking home, got no credit & a flat battery on his mobile? :)

In the real world: no news is good news. Bad news travels fast, rest assured.


War Hero
The peculiar thing with recruits is that if they have something to moan about, the first thing they do is ring home to tell Mum or Dad how awful things really are. "They still keel-haul you Mum and they didn't let me ring home for days on end, honest. I couldn't even text you, they are that strict" (Whilst neglecting to mention one should not post a Faceache status update whilst on Divisions - "who'd've thought?")

Meanwhile back on planet earth, recruits have to be reminded, inbetween having a whale of a time celebrating, that it may just be a good idea to ring home to let the family know everything's OK.

There are times when I do think keel-hauling maybe wasn't a bad idea after-all. If my son did this to his Mum I'd have his room rented-out before Christmas Leave. ;)


Lantern Swinger
Could be on a phone ban. I had one around the similar time and didn't have time to call my parents. It only takes one person to get caught. Check to see if he's been on Facebook, best way to tell if he's ignoring you. ;)


Lantern Swinger
Nonsense. Ever heard of text? If your folks are on tenterhooks & you talk to to the staff, family comes first.



Not a Raleigh. If we got a phone ban, it went physically in one of the lockers and typically the class leader had the keys for it. If there was a phone ban (unless the phone ban happened while we all happened to be on our phones) I couldn't text/phone my parents to say I won't be in touch for a few days.

I wish I wasn't friends with my parents on Facebook. Your son has got the right idea.


War Hero
Sounds like it'll be a "Well, since I didn't call, I thought it would be obvious..."

Best way to get him back is to wait until the pass-out parade when they're all stood there & some bloke is talking on the podium, then do a swift pitch-invasion and clock him a good-un with your best sizeable & heavily weighted Alexander Wang shoulder-bag creation ;)

I couldn't text/phone my parents to say I won't be in touch for a few days.
....but if you are under 18 & explained to the staff your parents were particularly worried, they aren't so heartless as to forbid an "All OK" text home at a suitably appropriate juncture.


War Hero
Out in Guzz yesterday, shopping (I hate shopping) place was fully of baby sailors, was your son amongst them.

When I first joined no mobiles and my parents did not have a phone, so all we had was snail mail, never had time to write as either full on work or party, went home eventually to say all was great. did call my mother once from part 1, she sent me a letter with a friends phone number.
If he has not called or showed up on the door step, just wait until he eventually communicates, usually when he will need something?
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