Failing HMS Raleigh fitness test

Most of us suck at running!! (Or did, when we had too). Why sprints? Just concentrate on passing what your poor at - running, getting your time down. You need to run 2.4k in 12 minutes. Work on that. It's not hard to do really!!
It's in old money 1.5 miles. So thats 8 minutes to complete a mile!!! Ye gods, you can almost walk a mile in that time. (I said almost). :rolleyes:
Less time on here getting advice from the oldies - more time outside running.
The OP needs to get out running but I wonder at the logic of practicing only 2.4k. While that is the fitness test standard, why not do 3 or 3.5k and get the stamina up for that? Doing longer runs would give the reserves in the tank to push harder over the shorter distance.

You are right though Waspie, its not a difficult standard to reach with application and not looking for excuses as to why you cannot train. If someone wants it badly enough, they will bust a gut to get up to standard.


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No, though not far off! He was a Cox'n and is 'famous' in the Submarine world and is a giant of a man in many senses. It will not be difficult to find out more if you wish.

Everyone said that in the event of an escape, they'd be going (through the very small hatch!) before him!!
Strange you say that, I was told I was last man out, if I disagreed I would wake up with the last man tally around my neck? Scaredy cat Whimp, I could get through smaller hatches than most.


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There's no secret to passing the test .... just get off your arse and put some miles in .... fitness is not a black art, it's just bloody hard work...........

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They talk about Submariners being craby, at least we know what a shower looks like, even if we don't use them, we don't need clubs to give us a dhobi.
Good point, but if you look close 'Clubs' is educating the England manager on having to stand closer to the razor before coming onto parade........

P.S. I've smelt it when they crack open your hatches after being under..... ships routine my arse!!!!!!!

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@ArcticFox and there was me thinking it was one of you specials getting into character as a tramp, that's why clubs was giving you a good dunking :)

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