Failing an exam phase 2, etme(sm)


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Update - I got a phone call from one of the higher ranks (missed his title!) today. My son is now 17. He has 2 resits and on level 2 warning purely for the exams. The 1st exam resit passed the second one is next week. He in about week 17 of phase 2. Not coming home as much which I think helping the studying. The guy on the phone was really nice and my son had told me he had failed 2 and I told him to work hard. The guy said everything would be put in place to help achieve and my sons attitude is excellent! I am just worried! Do they generally phone parents? My goodness this is such a rail road. HMS Raleigh was easy compared to the worry of phase 2! Any advice would be kindly accepted!

As your son is under 18, yes, they do have to inform you, in my last draft at Raleigh I looked after Phase 2 submariner trainees and was frequently on the phone to parents.

They're not there to fail him, they're there to help him (the staff that is).


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As a parent, all you can do is support & encourage really. He knows what he needs to do and if he wants the job enough he'll achieve the grade. The exams aren't that hard - we know they can pass because they achieved the required grade in the initial psychometric test, so he has the intellectual ability. The only thing preventing a pass is lack of preparation and/or nerves.

Remind him if he fails, you've rented his room out anyway so he'll need somewhere to live as well as finding a new job. That cheery thought should spur him on.

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