Failing AIB - Entering as a General Duties Marine

Hi there, just had a quick question.

If you fail the AIB but still wanted to join as a 'General Duties Marine', can you be eligible for this route, as you have already completed the POC - or would you have to start the whole selection process again.

Thanks for your time.


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I dont know what the RM policy is, but I do know for the navy that the only step in the rating selection process you would have done would be the recruitment test (prior to AIB). I would venture that it would be the same for the RM, though Im sure if you passed POC youd be able to do just the interview and medical parts, as youd obviously be fit enough to succeed on the commando course if youd passed POC. Id phone your AFCO on tuesday, they will be able to give you a definitive answer. Good luck!!


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Welcome to the site.

If you pass POC but fail AIB, I'm afraid you will still need to undertake all elements of Other Rank Selection which you had not already completed as an Officer applicant in order to join as a RM Other Rank.

You used to be able to count a POC pass as a PRMC pass, but no more.

That being the case, you'll need to pass the Recruiting Test (if you haven't already), the Selection Interview (different to the Sift interview), the new 3 mile pjft & the medical if 12 months has elapsed since the last one.

There are many that think it madness that a failed Officer applicant has to repeat elements of selection & I'd be the first to agree. Far rather all individuals passed all elements of other rank selection, with Officer candidates then taking AIB (& POC for Officer Royals), then being simply offered the alternative to join as a rating without further bureaucratic nonsense. Sadly logic doesn't apply & money appears to be no object as things stand. No wonder it costs over £7000 to recruit each individual.

Good luck.
Re: Failing AIB - Entering as a RM - Useful Literature.

Hi guys, thanks for your help.

I have a bit of a dilemma, I wish to join the 'Royal Marine Commando's' - I have already handed my application and this is my 1st and only choice. Recently I've been informed that I may just be eligible to enter as an Officer. (NVQ level 3 / National Diploma)
After researching, I have come to the conclusion that if this is the case and I work and prepare to the best of my ability, I may be able to accomplish this.
However, it is my understanding that the AIB is conducted after completing the POC, and in this case, if you fail the AIB, as you have previously said one would have to re-take the selection tests in order to enter as 'General Duties Marine'

Now I am not sure whether to try to take the path of Officer (of which I may fail and wait 'X' amount of months to re-apply) or to just go for 'General Marine' which I am sure I'll have an increased chance of success.

Although the whole of the AIB will be nerve-racking due to the inevitable fear of not passing, my concern is the aptitude tests in: Numerical fluency, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, along with the questionnaire/interviews in which you must state your past achievements, experiences of difficulty overcome . . . etc.

Does anyone know where I could get my hands on any free aptitude tests in these areas to help mentally prepare? (Websites, literature)

What does the term past achievements refer to? - College, qualifications, or more personal, extra-curricular, (life) achievements.
Would you recommend any steps I could take to better myself?

Any help or advice regarding the above questions would be more than appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


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Re: Failing AIB - Entering as a RM - Useful Literature.

Free aptitude tests. (Borrow the books from a library).

Past achievements basically means what it says & can refer to ANY achievement in any field. For further development DofE Bronze, Silver & Gold award, Prince's Trust Schemes or working as a uniform youth organisation adult instructor will give you heaps of experience in leadership, as will captaining sports teams.

Frankly, there's nothing stopping you submitting two applications, one for Officer, one for Other Rank. Bear in mind the recruiting test result is valid for three years and you only need take it once, however all the other elements of selection are separate & processed by different people, so you must keep both parties informed of our progress & eventual decision.

Good luck.

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