Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ripper, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. I failed my RT and this was my 2nd chance! I was 1 mark away from the pass mark and i am gutted!! Does this mean i can never apply for the RN again?
  2. Would this not have been a good question to ask the Careers Advisor when you were there?
  3. Having read some of your posts and comments I hope not. You appear to have ignored useful advice from more experienced members of this site (especially regarding the test you've just failed on), and have demonstrated a poor attitude all round. Bye
  4. end of day mate if you cant pass the rt test then surley its an indication that maybe the royal navy
    is not for you.
  5. i wouldnt bother, just apply for the army instead the tests are much easier
  6. if you fail the RT twice...then, my god...give up
  7. Well, i am gonna apply for the RAF tomorrow! If i want i can carry on with my electrical course while at college :)
  8. ##

    That was a quick desision!

    Have you really sat down and thought about what you want in life.
  9. Yeah Mate!! I wanna be in the armed forces!
  10. why..? seriously..
  11. usually people have their hearts set on 1 and dont waver to the others tho
  12. I'm sure the Crabs will be happy to take someone of your calibre!
  13. Tell me this, WHY do you want to be in the armed forces? This isn't me being a b!tch, I'm actually asking you? It just seems to me that you don't care which one you join, or which role you have, as long as you can say that you are in one of the armed forces.

    Surely it would be better to work out what you want to do. If you were looking at a specific role in the RN, why did it appeal to you - is there a job that would maybe be more suited to you in the civilian workplace... etc.
  14. Runaway? :roll:
  15. i have always wanted to be in the AF! I want to be able to represent the country and for me to say that i have got a good life! Has anyone on this forum took the RT more than twice? What is the army like?
  16. Lots of camouflage and bangs I would imagine 8O
  17. Do you have your heart set on a certain job?

    As for taking it twice, I have not seen anyone on here talk about it, were any jobs available to you?

    As for the army, look on an "ARMY FORUM" :wink:

  18. also face paint for men.
  19. and playing on the Jungle Gym.
  20. Got no job offered to me in the navy! Listen, if somebody is commited to the AF then they'll go in any of them!! END OF STORY!! If you just want to go in the navy then you could be possibly going for the easy/safe option

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