Failed the medical, what now?

Hi all,
New to the forum so i am sorry if this is in the wrong section but iv'e got a bit of a predicament after having my medical in Liverpool yesterday.

I originally went in February and was told due to having asthma at the age of 5 (Im 22 now) that they would need medical records from the doctor and i would have to complete a peak flow chart.

I did this and went back yesterday to be told that although i have not shown any signs of asthma in 16 years, at the age of 5 i was prescribed steroids for an asthma attack and again 6 months later. Due to this iv'e been told that i am now exempt from applying for the navy?

The woman who did the medical told me that in the navy they allow one course of steroids to pass but as i had 2 iv'e failed.

I am really gutted about this my fitness is great and i really wanted to join the navy in surface marine engineering.

Other than that she said i would have passed the medical.

Any advice will be much appreciated.

Thank you angrydoc,
il have to hurry as she said she was going to call them to get my name taken from the database.
It was a real blow as this is everything i want from a career and to be just shut out by something as simple as that from when i was a child was a bit of a shock too. She even stated my peak flow readings where above average :S.
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How medicals have changed in the Pool!!!! We all went out with the Chief at 7 ST Johns Lane for a pint, and all passed when we came back :laughing5:
I really do wish this was the case, im a qualified fabricator/welder been working from 16 and never really thought about the navy untill early last year when i finally became qualified in that trade and thought "what now" .

Just wish i used my noggin earlier on in life.
Without sounding like a fool here, how do i go about appealing?
Do i just phone up afco tomorrow? Should i see my gp? Sorry for all the questions it's been playing on my mind all weekend.
Well, phoned up 2 AFCO's today.
First up liverpool, was told that the signing up medical standards are now different to those that are "in service", basically after telling the guy over the phone that asthma is not an issue its the fact i was given two courses of steroids i still got the reply of "well if the doctors given you that as a child you have asthma". Im still none the wiser from that as im 16 years clear of any prescription for it.

Phoned st helens AFCO was told that i would have to go see my GP and get some form of covering letter although she couldn't really comment as she was not medically qualified.

Im at a loss as to what to ask my GP for as the failure is down to the 2 courses of steroids there's nothing i can do to change that fact. I could get him to write a letter up stating that i am clear of asthma? Would this be good enough? What happens in regards to appealing do i receive a letter from the RN stating exactly what it is that i was rejected for?

Thanks again.

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