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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by gibbo92, May 28, 2008.

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  1. sat my tests today and failed the maths - feeling like crap not sure now if to re-sit next year - I'm only 16 but feeling really disheartened - advice please
  2. what tests?
  3. the recruitments tests
  4. Mate DONT GIVE UP! i sat mine early this year and failed,im your age to. I failed the maths lol. Anyway i said dont give up but it is up to you. One thing you know what to expect next time. What role do you wanna be. ooo and i was gutted to but dont give up, Did you prepare good? Did you rush the test to make sure you answer all questions? (i did lol)

    Good luck mate,
    Chicogiz :thumright:
  5. One thing more give up and you have been defeated. Do you like loseing? If not fight back and show them that you can pass and will pass. Im only putting this as i know what you fill like. I was in the AFCO and we were all sitting down waiting for results, Some man come out and said is luke there (Chicogiz) I thought in my head ive failed as i know first people up have failed. He spoke to me and i came back out with a smile because all the other people were looking at me lol and i wanted it to look like ive passed because i hate loseing. anyway ........ lol

    Chicogiz (Life story)
  6. Don't be defeated mate, I am 17, did the tests when I was 16. Swat up on maths, mine is rubbish, I got a D for GCSE Maths, but, I retook it and now I have a C. I am also going to retake it again, to try and get a B. Try and try again, if you really want it then work hard and you'll get it. Try going to your maths teacher and explain your situation. I am sure they will be happy to help, mine did.
    What role are you applying for, officer or rate?
  7. You've got a long life ahead of you shippers. Sometimes it actually does us good to get knocked back because it reminds us that we are only human and that it generally takes hard work to succeed.

    Listen to what your peers on here are saying and start preparing for your next test. Not everyone has a natural aptitude for maths, I know I don't, but this can be overcome by some simple preparation.

    Try this maths book and start swatting up. It may be a little out of date, hence the fact it is available for 1p, but explains everything in simple terms and uses pictures and other little tricks to help you remember the things you need.

    If you get stuck working by yourself get someone who is good with maths to put you right until you know what you are doing.

    Good luck, and don't give up!
  8. Yeah, just revise and try again. I took one and passed, I got a B in maths GCSE. If/When you take it again, the best advice would be not to spend to long on each question, try and get them all answered. Also try to estimate the answers, if one looks like it might be right and all the others look miles off then save time by choosing that one. If you're applying for officer then maybe go for rating? were you offered alternative careers when you were there?
  9. I know this post is old but can someone answer this. For the people that dont know a failed my first attempt at the test and im going for my 2nd try soon. Heres the question, do you only get 2 tries at the test?

    Many thanks,
    Luke (Chicogiz)
  11. I`m sorry, but this thread makes me very sad, it is not your fault, your Teachers appear to be *********.
  12. If you have failed your math test at your age you need to contact your school and get them to try and get you into remedial classes.

    I too lay your under achievement on your teachers and the school system.

    Taking into consideration that you have spent 14 years in the state education system, I think something has gone completely wrong.

  13. I take it maths isn't your strong point either, Pinch.
  14. Looks like you've made a "schoolboy error" there Pinch... (there doesn't appear to be a tumbleweed emoticon on here, so you'll all just have to imagine that its there)
  15. I guess it has nothing to do with the fact that he was in a high stress environment at the time, and the fact he had little time to answer the questions. I got a B in A level maths and i failed the RT the first time on the maths section, i passed the second time 6 months later.
  16. I fail to see how a pusser's maths test is a higher stress environment than an A level examination.

    I only achieved GCE O level grade C and found the Navy test quite basic, but let's not get into the relative standards of formal educational qualifications over the last 30 years eh?
  17. Well, i can't speak for everyone but for me personally i found it much more stressful. Probably since i had it in my mind it was going to be a complete breeze, so i walked in there being overconfident. So when he said "Time's up" and i noticed i'd only done half of the questions i naturally panicked. I don't really think you can compare them though since they're two totally different environments, i only said about my A level exam to show that i wasn't shit at Maths but i still failed :p
  18. I failed my maths by one mark, but as I'm a third year uni student they told me it didn't matter and now I'm waiting for my AIB date. Yet now i know maths is an area of weakness which will need to be amended asap.

    Nothing on those tests is beyond GCSE standard so if your having trouble with the questions rather then the stress just get yourself onto some online GCSE revision sites.
  19. I did the RT test today and passed, waiting for an interview date now! I agree that there isnt anything above GCSE standard, and the only thing I struggled on was Mechanics, which I now know i have to work on.
  20. I never got any qualifications whatsoever,Yet i was exempt ETI which was a qualification required, so let me ask you guys a simple question, why don`t you pay more attention to your Teachers, instead of coming on here and whinging?

    FFS guys ` getta grip`.

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