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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chicogiz, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Hey everyone i failed my test today by a few marks on the maths. Please hope i dont fail again, Its my dream to be in the navy.

  2. Chicogiz if you have never failed then you will never know the true meaning of success.
    Don't worry about it, just put it right :)
    Sign up for maths classes, either at school or college if you still attend, alternatively try online somewhere like here, here, here or even here! and good luck ;)
  3. Hi, I also recommend and
    And playing darts helps out on mental arithmetic when chalking.

    In my opinion failing something like that is a test of character and is something to talk about in interviews (how you recovered from it)
    At least thats what I told myself after failing my driving test :)
  4. But if i fail again thats my dream over, and its all i wanted to do all my life.
  5. And if you fall off a cliff you may never be able to pick your nose again.
    Practice my boy!!
  6. And if you don't do the test again you wont be able to get in either.
    Find someone to practise with and try to beat each other.

    Lamri is right, the only way to learn things like arithmetic is practise - and lots of it. If you work in a shop or pub or something, practise counting items in your head before ringing them on the till (if possible) Use a chalk board to score darts or snooker, etc etc. Or buy a book and practise there.

    Having tutored maths students, I believe virtually anyone can get arithmetic handled as it is learning by repitition
  7. If it did come to me failing which i hope not, could i join the army?
  8. I thought your dream was to join the Navy?
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    RAF, surely... :twisted:
  10. It is but i said if i did fail.
  11. Don't start thinking of alternatives yet (unless failing the test again means you can't apply for anything else)

    Concentrate 100% on getting the b*stard this time
  12. Try and try again.
    What was it you was going for Chicogiz?
  13. Seaman specilist
  14. Good thing is you always have a second chance.

    Just brush up on your maths by using sites and general everyday practice, being much more prepared when you go again. :thumright:
  15. Just as a matter of interest, "How was the parachute jump"?
    Or did you fail cos you couldn't count the required numbers before pulling the handle?
  16. Hard luck Chico, do as Lamri suggests and practice on your weaker areas it will be worth it if you pass.
    I think that as far as trying for the Army if you fail again you may have to wait a year or summat, but it would be far better for you to concentrate on passing and not on back up plans. Practice and work on confidence.
    You're still young enough to overcome disappointments like this, so identify your weak areas and work away at them, get help if necessary and I'm sure you'll do better next time.
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Again, reflecting the previous posts, sorry to hear you didn't pass this attempt.

    My advice would be to re-iterate that already stated- put it behind you & make sure you optimise your chances of passing next time.

    The majority hoist on board the lessons learnt & pass second time around, but only if they apply themselves. All too often, sadly we get people re-sitting the Recruiting Test having clearly done no revision/practice/study in the intervening period believing that they will pass - they don't & just spend 12 months kidding themselves they will pass next time.

    Good luck next time- don't give up if it's what you want.
  18. Hey as anyone else failed there test? How did you over come the bugger? That bugger next time i see it is going to be defeated. BRING IT ON!. What im gonna do is revise,revise,revise,revise,revise.

    Many thanks everyone for your kind replys.

  19. One more thing. Anyone about to take there test dont buy from how2become, i did now i see its nothing like the test. I should of listened to ninja. Well i learn from my mistakes.
  20. How come you are consdering something else if you do fail 2nd time around, you only get 2 tries?

    If so, goodluck second time matey - just try to keep calm and like you said REVISE!

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