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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by IconicBuck, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. Went to my AFCO, did the test, completely balls up, my math was shocking and he said english was only a few marks off. ill just sum up some things, I'm 16. finished my GCSE got C in maths and english and B in science and additional, and a A in DT, so I'm far from be a bone. i think a reason i mite have done so bad is that i have dyslexia, i know it not a excuse of course never used it as one, I'm just not that good with academic side of things more of a practical person, I'm in the CCF and I'm the NCO of the colleges navy section.

    i did however get rating jobs

    If i retook the test in 6 month and still don't improve enough, could i just do a levels, go uni and get a degree, do leadership and other courses ect ect with the URNU. and be accepted as officer entry?

    Or is the RT where it counts?

    any help and suggestions is appreciated.

    ( already know i made a forum today, did some research and thought about officer entry again )
  2. Well the RT is where it counts because no matter of your educational background or desired career path you will need to pass the RT to progress. Yes, different jobs require different scores but a degree won't make any difference on your performance if you don't practice beforehand. If you don't improve on your score twice you will probably struggle with the academic tests at AIB, regardless of URNU, degree etc.
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  3. i see where your coming from to be honest, i thought that would be the out come, is there a limit of how many time you can take the RT, i have 2 years before i want to join.

    also another thought, if i joined as a rating how quick would i be able to go through the ranks, i know its all about what you put in is what you get out, would i be able to progress and evenly become midshipmen and do officer training ? i've heard is possible not sure how true it is though
  4. I think the limit is twice and it is valid for three years. I THINK. Yes it is possible to get promoted from the ranks but I have no further information on this as I am not in the Navy. No idea how long it would take, probably a while. Look mate you are still young and you have plenty if time ahead of you. If you want to be an Officer then concentrate on improving your RT score and your leadership experience and see how you feel about things when you have finished school/college.
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  5. Buck,

    I addition to the RT you need to think further down the road to the AIB, where you'll have to sit tests in verbal reasoning and essay writing. If your posts on this board are an indication of your level of grammar and English then you can forget it. I know that's harsh and I know you have a good reason for the poor standard of writing but that will not help at the AIB. There is a standard; you either reach it or you don't and no allowance is going to made for conditions from which candidates suffer.

    No. You could have a smiley degree with gold stars and you could have successfully negotiated your team over many pirahna-filled gorges but the fact remains that you'll still have to pass the English tests at the AIB and degrees etc do not bypass that requirement.

    You say you've been offered Rating entry, which is obviously good news and well worth pursuing. Later in your RN career it is possible to 'transfer' to Officer but it will take quite a few years before you can do so and, guess what, you still have to pass the AIB.

    I'm not trying to piss on your fireworks but present a realistic scenario to you. If you reckon you can 'overcome' your dyslexia and pass the essay and verbal reasoning tests at the AIB then bloody goodonya (as they say Downunder), however, please set yourself realistic expectations and if passing the AIB is not one of those then move on. I had a guy in my division with mild dyslexia who was an excellent AEM and was well on his way to making a good senior rate. I can think of a lot worse career paths than the one he took, so it might be worth looking at the offer you've been made for Rating entry.
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  6. If it helps, I know of some one that failed the RT for steward of all things... I never thought it was possible haha. Also I have dyslexia myself, I know it can be a bitch but somehow my English has improved and got 80% in the RT but like you my maths is shocking!

    Just wanted to you to know that things can be improved but listen to the other guys posting, I am a relative newbie on the site and not even one of our country's finest yet.
  7. Another thing to consider, a fairly recent change to the recruitment process for officers - all potential officers, regardless of qualifications held must take the RT before being considered for passing forward for AIB.

    So, if your goal is set as being an Officer you must get over the hurdle of the RT.

    As has been previously stated, if you have the opportunity of Rating entry then don't dismiss it, the route to Officer is there for the taking for all Ratings if you have what it takes. In some branches the percentage of Officers who came from the Lower Deck is higher than those who didn't
  8. Cheers for the 'kick in the teeth' so to say, you've helped me realise that theres more to it then the RT and there would be a lot more to get over, even before getting in, ive been looking things up for the past couple weeks and have got a much better picture. i got my letter back from my AFCO today saying that if i don't get in touch my application will be put under, warfare specialist was the one he recommend out of all my options. i best give him a ring tomorrow ! thanks alot for the help
  9. id love to try and become a officer that way! i really would, i guess doing it that way would make you have more respect also, but if the RT is still a problem in the further, then im gonna be stuck again. unless i improve with age, or keep on practising, i have been but since im taking A levels atm im pretty maxed out on work.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Officer applicants maybe interested to hear the recruiting test scores have been revised and the more lenient parameters applied retrospectively to candidates who took the recruiting test from 01 August 2011.

    If your score is within the new parameters, your AFCO will be in touch.

    If they don't get in touch, then take it as read it wasn't a "near miss" last time.
  11. How come Ninja? The RT is incredibly basic compared to the ones you do at AIB. I did mine in early 2011 and they told us the scores had recently increased, why have they 'lowered' them again? Unless I have got my wires crossed!

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