Failed RT - What next?

Hi Guys,

Excuse me for the newbie question but here goes...

I failed my RT on Tuesday as my maths wasn't up to scratch - I managed to pass the other sections with flying colours but I'm afraid my maths gremlins caught up with me. I had been applying as an officer candidate so the requirements were always going to be high.

I was given a few choices by the recruiting officer as to what to do next. As you can imagine, I was told to get some tutoring/go on a course and re-apply in 6-12 months.

However, one thing I didn't consider at the time was going in as a rating. Just out of curiosity what is the likelihood of me being accepted if I went back and asked if I could join as a rating? Would I need to re-sit my RT or would they be able to pull some strings and allow me to join?

I'm very willing to take the step down from Officer as I just want to get into a solid career and I know I have the potential to be promoted in the future.

If anyone can give me some sort of advice It'll be greatly received. :)
Straight down to your nearest college of knowledge and sign up for a GCSE maths course.
Sit the exam and when you achieve a grade C or above then try again


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The recruiting test is the same for Officers & ratings & the rules for re-taking the test the same.

Generally during the debrief, the Careers Adviser will list the alternative trades available as a Rating if you don't make the grade for Officer as well as suggesting a retake at 6 months if in full time education, or 12 months if not.

If you didn't make the grade for Ratings trades either, then 6 months of tuition doesn't bode well for aspirations to become an Officer the short-term & maybe Rating is a more realistic aspiration to pursue.

If you were offered alternative Rating trades, then a re-sit for Officer is a viable proposition.

No strings need to be pulled, plaited or knotted if you wish to be a Rating & scored high enough, you just tell the AFCO that's your choice & crack-on or ask them what, if any, ratings trades are available for your score.

It isn't so much a downward step from Officer really - it depends whether you want to do the job 'hands-on' which is what ratings do, or supervise those that do the manual aspect of the job- which is what Officers do for the most part, with the exception of Doctors, Nursing Officers, Pilots, Observers & Information Systems Officers, to name but a few.

Good luck.

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