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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Mdru191, Nov 19, 2015.

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  1. Found out today I am PMU for service within the Royal Marines currently looking at appealing but if that comes to no avail is there a chance of service within the Royal Navy? My PMU issue was a chronic knee injury of around 6 months had physio which sorted it out and have been pain free since 2012. Mri and x rays were completely fine with no other complication. It isn't a condition listed in the joint services publication but it is a lower limb injury and I understand the Corps are extremely strict regarding history of lower limb issues. Thanks.

  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's worth an ask via your AFCO but bear in mind the same medical people are involved in determining medical suitability. Whilst the standards for RM are slightly more stringent in the case of lower limb conditions, knees are a common injury within the RN due probably to the fact lots of ladders are involved with living and working afloat. Hopefully @nemesis1066 maybe able to give a pointer from his experience in this are.
  3. Hi Mdru191,
    I think I have forwarded an answer to this query, but you mentioned a time period here of 6 months. That would definitely put it in the chronic bracket, especially if physiotherapy took that long to work. I doubt you will get an appeal successfully through and that would apply to the RN as well as the Corps.
    I can honestly say that the military run regular courses across the UK in rehab facilities for folk with injuries like yours, some have occurred over many years of Service, but sadly there are many who are still within the first few months/years.
  4. I had it for so long because I never sought medical attention once I went to my gp and had physio I had two appointments of which it cleared up from foam rolling and hip strengthening within a month from the first physio appointment. The 6 month bracket was before I actually visited my gp. It was never officially diagnosed on paper it was just classed as knee pain. Haven't had a problem since and have ran up to marathon distance with no issue. I'm an ex infantry reservist and had no issues then either whilst training at Catterick. It came on from incorrect shoes I think. I changed shoes and haven't had a niggle since. Do I have a chance?
  5. It comes down to history and evidence, but there are no guarantees. The outcome will be the balance of need and risk - how much does the Service need your prospective branch and what is the risk of the injury reoccurring.
    I do wish you luck whatever the outcome.

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