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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Brandt15, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. Dear all,

    Would appreciate any advice on this matter.

    In 2005 I applied to join the RAF Regiment but in my medical records they found a history of microscopic amounts of blood in the urine so reffered me to a specialist who found a small kidney stone. The Medical officer deemed me too risky and hence I was rejected.

    I now live and work in London as a civilian but recently have become interested in joining the Royal Marine Reserve. I asked my doctor if he could check on the kidney stone and it is still there, same size but does not cause any pain or require any med treatment.

    My question is- Should I apply to the RMR, or will this rejection in the past by the RAF result in an immediate rejection by the RMR?

    Thanks in advance
  2. I would advice against it no offence mate, i know its not the news you want.
  3. And your experience is?

    Perhaps the best answer is to advise the guy to go and talk to the recruiters. they WILL either have or know where to get the information he requires. :thumright:
    Any more duff advice JTL and you will be sinking Sataclashi's level :pukel:
  4. Slim I've been in the mob for 21 years and im a CPO(ETME) about to retire next year.
  5. Have we met? :D

    To the OP, look at it this way.
    If you get another blood test and things haven't changed, then I suspect that, as the medical is either exactly the same or perhaps MORE stringent to join the RMR you won't get the answer you wish for.

    That being said, we have a saying, "If you don't ask, you don't get".
    Go and find out from an AFCO or RMR unit, it won't cost you anything ;)
  6. Point taken Jack, however you may have been able to give the lad a more accurate answer had you been a CPO Scablifter:thumright:
  7. lol nice one.
  8. Agree with Lamri if your prepared for a negative response, go for it.

    Look on the bright side, it may be clear and give you the good news your looking for.

    As said;- If you don't ask you don't get.

    If it was MY decision I'd apply and see what comes out of it. Sod all to lose and everything to gain. If you come clean, they will/should be honest with you regards results.

    Good luck.
  9. Are the Navy Aircrew parameters any different to the RAF ones?

    If you've ever had hayfever you can't be a pilot.. or so i think, is this the same for the navy?

    MOD Edit: This question has already been asked & answered. It hasn't changed since you last asked it
  10. Failed the RAF medical!!

    Not camp enough?
  11. Go to your local AFCO and have a chat.
    If nothing has changed medically you will still have microscopic amounts of blood in your urine, therefore standby for the same results.
  12. Give it a shot mate whats the worst that can happen
  13. Navy Pilots with hayfever are asked not to make thier own Daisy Chains but to use the services of an obligeing Steward .
  14. A friend of mine suffers from kidney stone, she has gone through her 4th treatment to get rid of them (electronic waves sent through her or something), not too sure of the whole treatment but it eases her pain and it seems to be getting rid of them for now.

    Or do kidney stones keep emerging??

    If you're ready to hear both outcomes, negative or positive, then worth a ty. Maybe you could speak to your GP and ask for advice?
  15. I did some time as a docs assistant for medical entry exams to the UOTC. We had a couple of guys come in with similar issues and both were unfortunately turned away. I would conjecture that medical entry standards for the UOTC are equally as, if not less, stringent than that of any other armed forces branch. There could however be some kind of time limit associated with this condition so the best advice I can give you is: if you can put up with the disappointment and loss of time associated with trying and failing to enter the RMR then it's worth a try. You'd hate yourself in your old age if you let an opportunity that was available slip you by.

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