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can anyone offer any advice please? my son failed his test this morning in one part - mechanical comprehension - and was told he can re apply in 12 months as you can imagine he was pretty upset and did not take in a lot of the debrief, so i called the office and got more info from them , are there any books / revision guides help he can benefit from? he is in full time education taking A levels with Maths as a bolt on GCSE any help would be great thank you
If you google 11+ practice paper, there are loads of websites that have a paper you can print out. Always do the practice tests with the same time restrictions to get him used to how fast he needs to think/record the answer. There's also sets of books for sale that give you quite a lot of example pages. This one was a great help:
Mechanical reasoning tests free downloads

The same site has example booklets in different sections, also on the Navy test. I honestly don't think there's anything you could buy, that you can't get for free on the internet. I also remember we looked up teachers practice papers for Sats exams to brush up on maths, english too.
Aptitude Test Examples | Practice Aptitude Tests | Free Psychometric Test | Personality Tests | Verbal Reasoning It advises how long each test should take too, which is handy.
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It's not the end is it? He can take it in a years time when i'm sure he will pass after practicing some tests. It's a long wait to join so theres no rush.
Might sound like I'm insulting your sons intelligence but learning the times table like the back of your hand will help to save those valuable seconds. It helped me loads when I was against the clock.


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Ninja_Stoker. Re. this and previous advice you're a star, priceless and almost selfless for going to the trouble to advise those seeking help at such a momentous time in their lives. Keep up the good work.
Would I be correct in my assumption that MM is one of yours Ninja?

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