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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by winteriscoming, Apr 30, 2016.

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  1. I failed my navy medical this week, classed as "temporarily medically unfit" pending further investigation on 6 issues. 5 of these are actually historic, and I don't understand why the doctor wouldn't accept the letters I had for some of the issues (said only if the GP sends them it) or things like a historic injury which got better, obviously, because I can do things like squatting on one knee etc. Or like I was knocked out years ago and had a concussion, no scans were done at A&E, so what's my GP going to do for that today? Obviously I'm fine.

    There is one that I'm more worried about though, which is active, though it's a bit weird. I said once I went to see a physio for lower back pain, 5+ years ago where there was some manipulation of the lower vertebrae and I made it clear I don't have recurrent back pain and it was a historic issue. But the doctor said I also failed the "lower back flexion" portion of the test because I couldn't reach the floor bending forwards and that my back didn't move enough. He also wasn't happy about the bit where I had to lift one leg into the air lying down to see how far up it went.

    Would I get failed for not being able to reach the floor bending forwards even if there was no other problems with my lower back? I've never been able to do it, I have very tight hamstrings and muscles in general. No doctor / physio has ever suggested it was so serious to warrant a scan or hospital referral.

    Also how many grades are there out of interest? The doctor muttered "grade 2 " at some point as he compared results from his list.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If there are six unresolved issues, one ongoing, including a knee injury, head injury, lower back issues and three others, it would be difficult for a medically qualified person to give a definitive answer, let alone a medically unqualified careers adviser, unfortunately.

    The frustration is appreciated but from the issues stated, they could all be potential show-stoppers individually and the best thing to do is forewarn your GP surgery of the incoming queries and request they are answered without delay, then keep checking they have supplied the level of detail required to hopefully resolve each issue satisfactorily.

    P2=Fit, P8=unfit. Further details here:

    Best of luck.
  3. I think I have misunderstood the service doctor. Was it that he asks my GP and my GP replies back directly to him? Or do I have to make an appointment with my GP. I was told that my GP didn't bother sending my medical file over for the medical as well.

    Yeah, I am a little frustrated because usually, you go to a doctor to prove that you are sick. I don't know how the GP intends to prove that I'm healthy. He's going to ask is my head alright etc. etc. and I say yeah it's all fine mate. And...? You know what I mean? I'm hoping the GP will do what they usually do, which is fob people off and tell them they're probably fine.

    But aside from lower back pain, which I do not currently or recurrently suffer, is it a medical requirement to be able to reach the floor bending forwards?
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The AFCO Doctor writes to your GP requesting information recorded on your medical history.

    Frequently, GPs take forever to respond. If your GP doesn't provide the level of detail required, such as dates, nature of injury, location of injury, treatment & recovery, etc., then it will delay the decision and subsequent outcome. A letter saying 'He's OK' is insufficient, unfortunately.

    If you look at the link above and have a read through the different annexes, you should be able to determine whether restricted movement of your spine is going to be an issue - it's in the musculoskeletal bit. Likewise, the other issues you haven't detailed should also be mentioned in the relevant annex.
  5. Hiya guys!

    I apologise in advance! Applied to be a Royal Marine for starters, I know there's a forum more spicific for the marines but I can't activate my account to write a post! Secondly, I'm replying to someone's thread not creating my own. Probably not the done thing but I have no idea how to create my own and desperate for some TMU advice!

    So, I've passed my RT, passed my Recruitment Interview! Had the phone call with Capita, now I'm TMU!!! Few things they wanted to check up on, mild form of Achne, few X-rays etc .. The big thing is I had a condition 1% of the UK suffer from called hyperhidrosis. I had it in the hands but hyperhidrosis can be in other places such as the forehead or armpit. Hyperhidrosis long story short, is over sweating more then someone who doesn't suffer from it!

    The navy/Capita have contacted my GP with the letter, my GP has produced a reply and contacted me today to ask if I'd like to see it before it is sent on .. I'm now in possession of it!

    For the section about hyperhidrosis my GP has written in reply: diagnosed in 2003, treated with topical antiperspirants and iotopheresis - no longer a prombel and has not been consulted since 2010.

    As mentioned above, I don't suffer from this anymore, my GP has pretty much confirmed that .. however, 1% of the UK suffer from it, not many people, the Capita nurse I spoke to had no idea what it even was.

    I imagine anyone reading this is wondering what my concern is - the book referred to J something 950, says: hyperhidrosis candidates with severe desease affecting function are usually graded P8 ..

    My question, if I was once diagnosed but no longer suffer it am I gunna be P8 anyway? I've been training for over a year now, something I've wanted all my life! Any help to put my mind at ease would be hugely appreciated!
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Assuming your username is Gregor1995 on the website, (the 'thinking man's infantry forum' ), you have to make an introductory post here before you can post your query:

    The Joint Service Publication (JSP950) indeed states 'hyperhidrosis candidates with severe disease affecting function are usually graded P8'

    Although not medically qualified or able to offer definitive medical advice; As you do not mention any severe diseases attributed to the condition, such as eczema, which could potentially affect your ability to function in training or whilst serving operationally, it is entirely possible you are probably OK - subject of course, to confirmation by a service qualified medical health practitioner.
  7. That is yes, I'm with you, will get that done for next time!

    So do you think JSP950 is saying only if the condition was to cause me to have a severe disease such as eczema that's what will grade me P8? Or the condition alone without a disease is a bar from entry?

    As I say, I don't actually suffer it anymore, that along with the not knowing is so frustrating! My CO said because of the history going back to 2010 it shouldn't be an issue and because I don't suffer it anymore it's certainly something that can be appealed!

    I'll get the letter posted back to Capita now then, although they also requested info from my physiotherapist which after much chasing are taking as long as possible to reply!! (Sports injury at 14, Capita nurse said not to worry)

  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To be honest, I don't know what I think beyond the "worrying too much" aspect.

    Take the medical evidence in support of your application to your intial medical. Keep it in your pocket.

    If the Medical Examiner advises he/she is about to write to obtain the relevant records and entire history, take a run-up, and hold the info upstretched in thine hand. It helps to produce it with a theatrical flourish whilst on bended knee, and shout "Et voila!"

    If the Doc doesn't deck you there and then, you're in with a chance.

    Good luck.
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