failed my aptitude test:(

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ben1985, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Afternoon,

    Earlier I returned home from Lincoln after going to the Lincoln AFCO this morning to sit my psychometric test, I had applied for Steward (something i thought easy to get into), apparently I did well on the english, reasoning, and mechnical comprehension) but on the maths I was 1 question off getting through!!

    1 question!!!, I thought they'd let me in with that, he did say i did very well on all the others so to get 1 less than needed on the maths, common sense for a little bit of leeway? it dosen't seem so.

    I forgot to ask at the time, can i get in the Navy for any job?, i presume Steward is a very easy position to get, I don't know if what branch you apply for they vary the test standards!

    So what shall I do, see if I can go in the Army?, will i still be barred from doing the army test until a year or is it seperate, or do I wait a year for the navy !

    life goes on i suppose but so annoyed i didn't get in with very good results in the other 3 areas and 1, yes 1!, question of passing the maths


    Benjamin Wood
  2. Unlucky mate, but have another go at it! I think you get 3 attempts.
    Different test scores are required for different branches, I think candidates for ET have to get higher scores.
    Brush up on your maths if need be (though it sounds like bad luck just being 1 point off) and have another go. You come across as being more than capable (especially for Steward of all things). And I have to say it takes balls to come on a public forum and tell everyone you didn't pass the test.
    But you will pass!, so don't be disheartened, do try again. Surely you don't have to wait a year.
  3. thanks for the advice, yeh im pretty sure you have to wait a year, the bloke said that to me, thats seems too long!, oh well, im hoping theyll ring back and let me in, no:(, there isn't no chance of that really, just very bad luck, 1 question right, of getting in.

    Benjamin Wood
  4. Hard luck Ben, but don't do anything silly like join the Army!

    Let the dust settle and take stock of the situation - brush yourself down and get some books to help you improve your maths then try again. If you have any questions I think you should phone or go back to the AFCO and get the correct information.

    It's not the end of the world, although that's probably how it feels today.
  5. OK Ben
    If you really want in then you will have to apply yourself a little more. If you have failed the maths for Steward then I would expect that maths is not one of your strong subjects. No problem, get straight along to your local educational establishment and find out what they can do to help you. You may find that maths is taught differently now that you are older, also you may find that the maths tutor will be able to explain the working out processed more logically.
    If you want it go for it.
  6. yer I'm thinking of doing that, a year though!, is this definitley true by someone who knows so i've proof of it, I don't understand why not a few months, oh well we don't make the rules.
  7. Ben
    It might be a good thing to have failed. Take the year and try to get good passes at GCSE level in maths and English. Its only two subjects so just two evenings a week. I don't know if you are employed or not, if not get a job, any job to show you have some commitment.
    If at the end of the year you have managed to pass English & Maths at GCSE grade c or above retake the aptitude test but see if you are now qualified to do a more interesting job than that of steward.
    You could find that one year from now you are looking forward to joining the RN in a trade which will last you for the rest of your life
    Best of luck
  8. You wise old dog slim. Hoist it onboard Ben and you won't go too far wrong...
  9. hi ben
    at least you have done the test! I agree go to an evening class and brush up on your math and english, it will show that you have determination and willingness to carry on even if things don't go your way! next time you will be better at maths and you will know what to expect on the test. (trust me this is a good thing!) good luck
  10. If it's any help I took the test 4 times, 3 times for the Navy and oncw for the RNR, I had to wait a year between each Navy attempt, I took the RNR one just before my 3rd attempt at the Navy one and used it as a practise paper, mine was Maths as well, I took a GCSE Maths course imbetween tests and passed with flying colours!

    All the extra work really paied off as I was booted out of Raliegh after a month and four days!
  11. ouch!
    I have to admit I have taken- (in order) the RN entry test then the TA entry test, the RAF entry test and the regular Army entry test! of all of them the RAF was the hardest - I failed the math, the TA I only just scrapped past, both RN tests i passed but the second time i got a better score - but only just scrapped the mark for AET! the Army I passed but was way to short to do what I wanted to do! that is why I say next time you take the test you should do a lot better!
    from ship_rat
    ps I have taken the different test at differant times over the passed 7yrs!
  12. Bad luck mate, that must be so frustrating.

    Definitely don't give up- you are being assessed for everything you do regarding recruitment. Having another crack at it shows determination.

    As others have said, taking a maths course would be a great idea. It will really help.

    Don't be disheartened. Work hard between now and your next test, it will pay off. You will do it one day!
  14. hi ben i failed on mine with maths as well. You only have to wait a year if you dont do any sought of educational course. I was told if you do a course like a maths course and then take a letter into the afco from the people you done the maths course and you can take the test in 6 months time. so i failed in feb 07 so i have gone to learn direct to do a maths course for free and i will be able to do my test in around august or before they should call you. Give them a call they can tell you.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If you put yourself on a full time Maths & English course, and can prove it, the careers office "may" permit you to re-sit the test in 6 months- if they think you're a viable candidate. You can normally only sit the test twice, three times under exceptional circumstances. The careers office do have discretion regarding your score, but you must have been outside of those limits in either your overall score or your score in different sections. Top tip: revise psychometric tests against the clock. Good luck next time-don't give up.
  16. Is it really that hard? I've already done the aptitude test for the RAF and didn't find it that hard at all tbh.

    We're all different though I guess.
  17. When I applied for university first time round ( a year after being booted out of raliegh) I was told by my caeers advicer to put down I'd passed the RN entrance exam because it was the hardest of all, don't know if thats still the case?
  18. Not still the case- you've a one in four chance of getting a question right if you don't know the answer. Hardest thing about it now is the time constraints, you don't get very long on each question at all.
  19. I failed on the samething in jan this year my maths only 4 questions away to passing i am at learn direct doing a maths course for free you only have to wait six months if you can prove you have attended a collede or place of learning. I am gong for private tution for the psycometric tests which will help on an one to one basis for them to give me mock tests under the time you have when you take the test so you get used to it. Buy a book on these tests go to learn direct as it is free to do a maths course. i am not giving up i was gutted it has made me more determined and you now know what to expect. i am now booked up for oct 1 so i am starting to get my head down good luck buddy.
  20. I think there is a theme going here. People with cartoon characters/cute animals seem to fail their first attempt at exams, so top tip, change your display pic!

    p.s) post unhelpful

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