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I had my medical today i failed dew to my fatness. I passed the other parts anyone got advice on losing weight . my BMI was 31 at the medical . so I do have a bit of work to do but i can do it just wondering if anyone got any tips.


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Stop eating so much and exercise more.
Literally that, no magic ballbag formula or stupid diets . Eat three meals a day **** off snacks and puddings apart from fruit/ veg snacks, keep hydrated and start running !
110kg-78kg so it worked for me


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It's going to be hard work, you need to change your eating habits. Avoid excess of sugar and fats, no takeaway food and eating out, home fresh cooked, so you know what's in the food. Portion control, many eat healthy but just to much. No crisps, chocolate, sweets, cakes, pastry. Start exercising gently, don't need to pull any muscles. Occasionally a treat may make you feel OK, but will slow your progress. Family and friends can be a pain, when they say go on have a cake, one won't hurt, tell them to eat it, if it won't hurt. Good look.


dont eat sugary stuff, eat less, drink LOTS of water throughout the day.
calorie deficit is your key.

do not take my advice as official!

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