Failed Medical


I recently went for Royal Navy medical and was told I declared temporarily unfit due to a weak ligament in my knee. I hurt my knee 3 years ago playing football but obviously the ligament never healed properly.

I went to my doctors who referred me to physio -again- and the physio said there is minimal laxity on lcl and had given me calf stretches for my knee. I've to go back for a second assessment at physio but at this stage it's not looking great for gaining full strength in the ligament.

Does anyone know of you have to have full strength in the ligament to be able to pass and has anyone had any problems like this before?


War Hero
Again not medically qualified to give definitive advice I believe the Beighton Test is usually the thing they use to measure joint laxity.

The RN is particularly risk averse with lower limb injuries, particularly those involving ligament damage due to the high likelihood or recurrence during the rigours of training and beyond.

Best of luck.