failed medical - waiting time on hold ????

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mitchman1, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. hello i am new to this site i have my selection interview next week but i failed my medical because i had to lose a bit of weight and passed it about 3 months later was my application on hold during this time and these months not count in the time ive waited . thanks
  2. What has your AFCO told you?
  3. i havent spoke to him about it just heard that this was the case and thought i would be able to find out if this was true ?
  4. Well they have the official answers so you could've asked him if it was true.
  5. Your official application date is the date you sat the RT test. So being held-over for medical will not impact on your potential joining date.


  6. like i said i have selection interview next week will ask him then just wondered if this had happened to anybody else and if they knew the answer .
  7. cheers mario thats what i thought but someone told me different
  8. Hi Mitchman,

    congratulations on losing the weight and passing your medical.
    I have my medical next month and have been warned i will fail my medical and will have to wait until i've got my Weight/BMI down to an acceptable standard! Do you mind me asking what your height and weight was when you failed, and how much you had to lose?

  9. no problem im just under six foot and when i went to the first medical i weighed 14 stone and i had to get down to 82kilos "13 stone" but i went down to 80
  10. ah so it's not like you were a pie to start off with!
    Still well done losing your weight, looks like i'll have my work cut out for me!
  11. How odd, I'm 85-86 and just shy of 6 foot and I *touch wood* haven't had any problems.

    Can I ask, was your weight muscle or, well not.

    edit-I apologise if this is seen as schizer stirring. I have passed my medical so just intrigued.
  12. why how much are you weighing now ?
  13. yeah it was a lot of upper body muscle where and they said i failed the bmi on upper body weight
  14. Hi Mitchman1,

    Just thought I'd say " CUM ON YOU REDS" another Forest fan on here!!!!


  15. How odd

    What was your waist size?
  16. COME ON U REDS i never knew supermario was a forest fan thats all good as long as luigi aint a derby fan !!!!
    oh and older joiner it was 34
  17. yeah i think you might have a bit of training to do fatthaggis . all the best with it though
  18. Nottingham Born and breed, have been a Forest fan for nearly 40 years. Been through the good times and the bad times. Don't get to the matches as often as I would like living and working down south. Did go up for the play-off game against Blackpool, what a load of [email protected]@p.

    Still I should be used to it all by now.

    Best of luck with the application


  19. cheers mate thats weird where in south are u i am also a forest fan from south currently in essex but get up there as much as i can

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