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Failed medical requiring advice

Hi, as the title says I failed my medical for having heartburn before Christmas (before I continue I must explain that I DO NOT disagree with this). The reason being that I required medication from the GP for this heartburn. However the doctor explained to me in my medical that I would be able to reapply after a year of not taking the medication (it's been 6 months) however on my letter it says permanently medically unfit. So before I go down to talk to the AFCO on Monday I wanted to get some information on what I can expect? Will he repeat what the doctor has said? If so will I have to do the whole joining process again in July or just the medical?
TMU means your medical status is not yet determined. PMU simply means for as long as the current medical circumstances persist, you cannot be passed fit. In some instances (such as the one you mention), a period of time must elapse without recurrence until you can be passed fit to enter. Some conditions are an outright bar.

Most people will have only completed the recruit test (valid 3 years) and maybe an interview (valid 12 months) before attending a medical examination. If both remain valid, the only thing that needs to be revisited is the medical.

Good luck.

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