Failed Medical- Eczema


Hello, I recently had a medical review whereby I was deemed 'medically unfit' by Capita. The reason being was down to 'eczema on hands'.

Seven months ago, I had an isolated incident of a small dry patch approximately the size of a 5 pence coin on my left hand, more specifically, in the area where your hand and wrist would meet. I was given some steroid cream by the doctor and it disappeared almost instantly.

I have no prior skin conditions of any sort and feel slightly startled at this decision, although, I understand the recruitment process is covering their backs. The medical guidelines feature words such as 'severe' and 'chronic' regarding the diagnosis of eczema and skin conditions. I would describe mine as neither, it was extremely mild and isolated on one hand with no prior history.

As present, I am unable to reach my AFCO in any capacity as they do not respond to messages or phone calls and have come here for advice.

Would anybody that reads this be kind enough to offer some perspective on the process of appealing this decision? Based on the fact it is neither 'severe' or 'chronic', would it be advantageous to appeal or is it end game?


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@williamr7 for info on your query, try the 'search' function top right of the page. It's a well talked about subject. You may like to include a search for 'medical appeal' also.

Many of us aren't qualified to answer your questions so it may be worth delving into past posts.
^Just to add - Keep chasing your AFCO!

Others might offer other separate advice but consider making a short telephone call or even a personal visit to your next nearest RN Careers Office.

Smile & explain about your 'communication difficulties' then politely inquire: 'I do hope that my original AFCO chappie is OK, fit, and well etc etc ?"

(Sometimes it takes only the gentlest nudge from an unexpected direction to dislodge an awkward bung lodged within the ******** of human progress.)


I can confirm there are a few i know of in who have eczema, more than a small part so i cant see one small patch on a hand being a big deal


Hi, how did this go for you?

The same thing has happened to me 5 days before I was supposed to go. When I went for my F2F medical the Dr noticed a small amount of dry skin on my hands. I hadnt thought too much of it as it was the first time its happened and it wasnt severe at all.
I had GP confirmation also stating it wasnt severe enough to be eczema and is probably due to the cold weather and working in cold conditions.
However when my medical case was taken to the chief medical officer I was declared PMU.
Im in the process of an appeal so was wondering how its gone/going for you as these seem to be very similar situations