Failed medical - Appeal outline help please.


Hey guys,

So i recently failed my RN entrance medical. I know, i know, many are non negotiable due to new entrant requirements of not having suffered from various ailments.

Ok but hear me out. Its an interesting one.

Ok so firstly i am 36, and have already served in the army for 13 years previous, leaving in 2012 as a sergeant. Now my army medical records state i had "back pain" in 2009 and for that the civvy doc failed me without exam on "chronic back pain for longer than 12 weeks", which apparently is one of the ailments i was referring to above.

Justification: Life in the military can be arduous and they cannot allow people in who may be susceptible to further injury in the arduous operational conditions we may find ourselves in.

However what the doc doesnt know, is that i sustained that injury on predeployment training for Op Herrick 13. A tour i proceeded to deploy on, and spend 7 months carryin 100+ lbs of gear, often on long patrols. I usually carried not one but two radios in my daysack because i was troop sergeant as well as a JTAC. I had no issues.

The back injury was just a muscular issue that was easily dealt with by physio and some rest. It has never reared its ugly head since.

Otherwise, surely i would not have been fit to deploy on a frontline operational tour? Nor would i later have passed a civvy medical to start work as a hostile environment CP operator?

Basically the point of me vomiting all this info here is to find out what some of the more knowledgable people here think my chances are of winning an appeal based on what i have stated above? Also what i need to provide in terms of information to back an appeal?

Any info or guidance would be mich appreciated as i am proper gutted and cant bear to think that its all gone wrong for me.
Hi mate i had a similiar problem with raf medical deemed permanantly medically unfit im ex army had a back injury lasting longer than 12 weeks but was upgraded and fully fit for a further 3 years until i left, want to join the navy but worried il have the same problem, never had a problem since either


My appeal was successful.

Try and contact your old MO and get him to add a note. The real drama might be if you got medically downgraded. If you did then i am not sure what their view will be, luckily i didn't.

Other than that, write a good appeal letter explaining what you did after the injury they are concerned about, and highlighting any arduous activities and how you had no issue with them or your back.

Try and get your GP to examine you and write a note saying your back is fine currently.

Also add your current training schedule and explain your fitness levels (hopefully they are at a decent level!).

I did most of that, without getting my GP to examine me. Luckily my old MO is still serving so it was easy for me to get a note from him and he told them to contact him too.

I think that was the single most compelling part of my appeal but if you cant get a note from your old MO then a GP's should still do the job.

Good luck mate, and when you do the physical exam, make sure they have a proper setup for the hearing test, mine was a joke! It looked like an old Sony Walkman.....

Now i have to jump another hurdle and get my hearing certified as ok through my GP.

Oh and they want confirmation my leishmaniasis was cured after Telic 1 in 2003.....erm......Capita its 2017. I would look like a Klingon now if it hadnt been cured.

Capita are an absolute joke to be honest. Bunch of mentalists. I hope after its all done they ask me to do a satisfaction survey!
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the doc i went to see was a right snotty cow as soon as i walked through the door i was informed id failed, i will see what the navy says when i go for the medical but should i fail it i will fight it tooth and nail, i currently run twice a weeks and go boxing twice a week so im reasonably fit so hopefully it all works out.

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