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Good afternoon first time posting!
I failed my eye test for the Royal navy. I was looking at RFA for a second opportunity. However, I don't know if failing the eye test for the rn means I'd fail it for the auxiliary too?
Really want a nautical career and running out of options!
Any advice would be awesome,
Ask your AFCO, get the definitive answer from them whilst your in the system, your aptitude tests etc may carry over from RN to RFA as it's exactly the same test so it may save time ?

Don't delay, ask them today...........
I failed around 6 weeks ago I asked my afco if I could appeal and he said unless my eyes magical get better then no... Will it be worth just emailing him for advice?

Yes, speak to them asap.

Your medical info is your private info so keep it to the AFCO. I don't know your circumstances but the RN/RFA isn't the only way to get to sea, loads of jobs out there depending on how fussy you are

Clyde Marine, Trinity House, ABP right through to cruise ship jobs & fishing boats. Google sea training colleges
Thank youu!!
I have been looking around, just living in the Midlands makes it so hard to get a career at sea as well you need to be by the sea
It depends what career path you want to pursue, however for any Merchant Navy job you have to meet the minimum requirements for your job role (deck, engine or ETO) to pass the ENG1 medical. The ENG1 standards differ to those of the RN, however I don't know what the minimum standards are for the RFA off the top of my head, but if you type in 'eng1 eyesight' there are several links that come up. The top one on Google (https://assets.publishing.service.g...al_and_Eyesight_Standards__From_MSN_1839_.pdf) has a whole annex (annex 1) relating to standards. Additionally, it also notes: "Individuals who wish to go to sea as deck or engineer personnel or who are considering dual qualifications are strongly advised to have their eyes tested by an
optometrist before embarking on their career, in view of the particular importance for them of good sight."

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