Failed at football? Try the Navy


ROYAL NAVY recruiters have begun raiding sports academies for fit young men who fail to make the grade as potential Premiership footballers.

The novel approach to boosting recruitment was revealed as the Navy’s top admiral admitted that cutbacks in manpower ordered after the end of the Cold War had had a long-term impact on recruiting.

Admiral Sir Jonathon Band, who succeeded as First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff last month, said that the “peace-dividend†manpower reductions in the early 1990s had also led to the “recruiting tap†being turned off. He said that there were now gaps in experience that had to be dealt with, and he emphasised the importance of keeping men and women in the Navy for at least five years to build up the experience base.,,2-2093664,00.html

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Those footballers will certainly notice a difference between 'sniffing a line' and 'toeing a line'. I hope they don't lower the basic educational standard for entry - most youngsters who try to make the grade as a footballer have given up their studies aged 12 and would be hard pressed to manage a GCSE - even today's easy-peasy ones.


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Pluto stated "ROYAL NAVY recruiters have begun raiding sports academies for fit young men who fail to make the grade as potential Premiership footballers."

DNR did this with the RM High Visibility Teams in the 90's to improve the recruiting figures for the RM

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I'm the RN scout!

It is all official and I get to attend EVERY medical given :wink:

Now, any nice, young, men want to step up???

I'll get my coat, bad joke.

Notice how the 'safe guard rule' is not in force?
fullasternboth said:
Stories in the press a few years ago claimed it cost Beckham £250 to get his head shaved-Don't think Raleigh could afford the cost of haircuts.

Perhaps the Raleigh cut (like the Shotley Shave I request from my barber: that way one's onsetting baldness is less obvious) will be marketed to civvies: it could be called a Beckham and available to civvies for only £25, all profits going to the NAAFI or to buy nutty for those about to go on the Exped (I am assuming Raleigh do Expeds).


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A Boesman is a free transfer for a player out of contract. It's named after the Belgium ? player who took his case to the EU. If you followed football you would know


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Does this mean that everyone else will have to cover duties when someone is off constantly for navy sport. Whilst I applaud anyone who has the skill to play representive sports, I get sick of people constantly getting time off to do so to such an extent that they might as well not be in the navy. I've seen it happen with rugby with guys who joined a unit, then didn't show up for more or less their full draft