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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RAFFER, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. Right i need something answering,

    When i went to AFCO they talked me into going in as Aircrew Officer Pilot (my dream was to always be a pilot when younger) and ive gone for it however what i want to know is that if i fail my AIB do i need to start the whole process of applying again for positions such as air tech etc (**This is what ive heard Wait 6 months then re-apply) but i really want to get in now as im fed up of civvy lifestyle and want to get started ive passed everything with top scores well so i presume as im going for pilot. So i presume i will pass the mark for air tech.

    Im just waiting for a date for AIB which i hope i get soon but if worst case scenario is to reapply i was wondering if i could change my decision and go in sooner rather than later i hope you guys understand my predicament.

    Cheers guys
  2. I don't understand.

    What do you mean by 'change my decision'? The situation I think you are on about is if you fail - that's not changing your decision, it's failure.
  3. well if you fail AIB what happens ?

    can i change before taking AIB to Air Tech and join up sooner rather than taking AIB and if fail restart the whole process for what i initially wanted to do ?

    i.e is there a fallback ?

    just was speaking to a few people in the gym and wondered
  4. why not just put all your effort in to passing the AIB and not worry about joining as a AET. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.
  5. Oh, you mean change your decision now?


    I'm sure one of the AFCO posters can give you a more detailed response.
  6. i understand what you mean fail to prepare prepare to fail we actually have that up in the engine room in the gym i actually feel quietly confident about it and will revise well however in the sauna before someone was asking questions and it got me wondering i want to aim for pilot or as high as i can get i was wondering if there is a fallback come worst case scenario thanks for your replies tho guys
  7. ...and breath.
  8. sorry folkes i just wondered what my options were.
  9. i met a guy who passed FATs to go to AIB for pilot, but failed AIB as didnt get a competitive enough score to go in as he has changed to Warfare Officer and has had to wait 6+ months for a new AIB date and is still waiting now...
  10. cheers city boy so thats kinda what i wondered i mean i dont have to do PJFT and Phsycometric testing and all that again and you kinda answered me there cheers
  11. what i mean is worst case scenario i dont pass for pilot do i then have to

    1 - Wait 6 months then go to AFCO retake my RT Test then have another Medcal and then another Fitness Test


    2 - Can i use my current test scores and medical scores and go in as AET

    P.S im not thinking of failing looking forward to it and think i will do quite well but it got wondering when people were asking in the sauna and i wondered what my options were
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Unless the local Careers Advisers also frequent your sauna during the working day, it maybe best to ring the AFCO to ask. :wink:

    To save the possibility of mobile induced RSI to your digit, the answer is simply that all relevant and current elements of aircrew selection can be simply transferred to a different job within the service.

    If AIB knock you back a year & you want to be an officer, it's still a years' wait before re-attending.

    If you wish to join as a Rating/Other Rank, you need only repeat the AFCO selection interview (& the relevant PJFT if applying for RM or Diver) & any other trade specific selection elements such as PRMC, Nurse Selection Board, Pre Entry Diving Acquaint etc.

    Test scores for Officer are different to Ratings, so you'll need to check they transfer - some Ratings trades are higher in certain sections than Officers.
  13. Ninja a guy in my sauna said I had nice buns, can I transfer my application to chef?

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