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Failed AIB to Rating

Hello! Just wondering if anyone has any insight into the rating application process after failing an AIB? Obviously i've already done the recruitment test, eye test, medical, PJFT so does anyone know how quickly i'l be able to move things along to hopefully get into HMS Raleigh? I was told at my AIB debrief to try again in a year, but after a lot of self reflection i've realised I cant rectify my failings in 12 months, and ultimately I want a career in the Royal Navy more than I want to be an officer. I'l be phoning up my ACLO in due course for advice, just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.

Thank you!
Sorry don't think I can pose any useful advice either. Best of luck with it though!

Just a quick question if you don't mind me asking - why didn't you pass and why did they say one year? (as opposed to 6 months or two years?)

As I understand it, you'd have to go through the process again, but I'm sure the Ninjemeister can advise. That is certainly the way it goes in the RNR.
Missed this previously - it was posted in March so the OP is probably joining as we speak...

If not - The good news is, after passing the Recruit Test, Medical, Fitness Test and gaining Security Clearance, all aspects of selection remain valid. All you need is a Ratings Selection Interview for your chosen branch lasting about 45 minutes, then bish, bash, bosh, entry date requested, allocated, PRNC, you're in. Ta-Dah!

You can just call your AFCO and ask to transfer your application to Rating entry, specify branch chosen, requesting a Selection Interview at their earlist convenience; "Like yesterday, please"

Bear in mind the door to Officer-hood is not closed, obvs. You could feasibly re-apply whilst in service but may have to wait a little longer than 12 months before the opportunity arises.

Best o'luck.

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