Failed AIB entry for warfare

Hi all, I failed AIB today. None the less extremely happy as I learnt alot about myself from the process!

I've been advised to reapply for officer after serving 2 or 3 years to build confidence regarding group discussions and putting my ideas on the table.

I was told to go down the path as joining as a rating. Which leaves me with the dilemma of which role to apply for. As I wanted to apply for a commission as a warfare officer, would warfare rating seem to be the one to go for or can I go for a different role such as seaman or diver as I know diver is a specialist role of a warfare officer.

Just want some advice on next steps as I don't know whether I go for the obvious role of warfare or I can go for a role that has a specialist equivalent in the warfare branch.
Don't consider that a fail - being asked to go back should be considered a partial success.
I would not think diver is a good idea, as the waiting list is almost as long as the period that the AIB said you might be ready. Warfare has many bats at rating level, you should find one that meets your aspirations.
As Sumo says have a chat with your AFCO.
Meanwhile I page @Ninja_Stoker for you - The Guru of all recruiting matters

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