Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Duffmania, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. Hey there guys just wanted to fire a quick question at you because i'm slightly retarded.:eek: Just wondering if smoking is tolerated at raleigh and if so when's the best time to do so the last thing i want is for my ass to get spanked because i sparked up a bad boy...no wait that actually sounds pretty good ,anyways cheers for the help in advance guys!
  2. Same old same old.............. :roll:
  3. Nailz

    Flogging was abolished by the RN in 1945!

    Your aarse is therefore quite safe! :roll:
  5. I wish i knew what the **** nails meant
  6. I'm begining to feel a bit sorry for you now nails. Poor demented lad.
  7. So do I. He clearly has nothing better to do with his life than wind people up on an internet forum. Get a job or get back into education, nailz!
  8. And succeeded quite well by the look of it!!
  9. Nails is better than this.
  10. Wow thanks for that!! Shouldnt you be in bed???
  11. Eh i don't know anybody called "nailz" i just asked a genuine question regardless of how retarded it may seem to all you rock hard commandos. If your answer is to just take the piss then i hope all of you get ran over, survive and then find out you have testicular cancer. Much love bumboys :wink:
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I would'nt say you were retarded, just a simple cnut who's mother should have had an abortion. Move along mong, the other side of the windows need licked. :roll:


  13. Who the hell are you?
  14. Bumdufffluffmania

    Smoking tobacco is OK these days. A relative on mine got 6 cuts at the G Spot in the 1920s for possessing cigarettes, but times have changed. In those days Pusser wanted its baby ratings only to die/suffer fighting for King & Country. Nowerdays they want you to die before claiming your pusser pension so that they can give the money to bail out the bankers AND pay them boni to compensate them for their incompitence!

    Hon.Stoker ;)
    HMS Citizenship

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