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Facial Hair in phase 2


Just passed out of Raleigh and ive got a 3 week wait until i start Phase 2. Am i aloud to turn up to phase 2 with facial hair?



War Hero
Nope. Well not in CWD anyway. Once you join you can put in for a beard chit.

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War Hero
Does the joss still have to inspect it every week or so? To say , yay or nay??

I put a chit in once and the joss just told me to shave it off as I looked like I'd crimped in the mess and looked like a tramp.

His words, mind.


War Hero
At the OP. I reckon you should anyway. Rock up with a set, anyone questions you, (especially the bloke with a fancy watch and dog in tow), just say "chill bro!, we're all cool".

Or, words to that effect.

Hope this helps.


War Hero
I was always far too skin.

The only one I had, was after not shaving for all of Falklands trip Joss said bit see through, but let it stay. Party first weekend home wife set fire to it, trying to light my cigarette, whilst socially confused.
Had one for 20 years after leaving RN.
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