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Right, quick heads up. How does that shit work? Just been arm twisted into an account, I see it as a wonderful opportunity to rip the shit and laugh at peoples short comings.

Is that the Norm?

Is there a Face book etiquette that needs to be followed?

Can I still be a Rear Admiral on it?


Don't befriend every nutter who asks would be my advice. The more randoms you know, the more careful you have to be with your persec. I have 7 contacts on there. They're all cúnts but at least I know where they all live!
Don't befriend anyone that you haven't bought a drink for or haven't been bought a drink by. That way you are sure to know them, even if you don't like them anymore. Then again you don't have to "accept them" as friends if you choose not to.
Ignore these dull cunts. Facebook is awesome, if you don't get a fuck within a week, you're obviously doing it wrong.

You now need to begin pesting.

Step 1 - Slap up a few half decent phots of yourself. Not the ones where you look like a convict or nutter.
Step 2 - Do a search for a random girl's name in your vicinity.
Step 3 - 'Poke' the ones who are fit.
Step 4 - Keep poking, it takes seconds so you can easily smash in 100 in an afternoon.
Step 5 - Out of the 100 you poke, you will get about 6 replies, 3 of these will be ''who the fuck are you?'' replies, but at least one should bare fruit.
Step 6 - Crack on lofty.

This is a guaranteed way of plating women who are not horrors. It's simple maths.


The other positive side to FB, is that the openness of a girl's security settings is directly proportional to how easy they open their legs. I can easily get the address of nearly every slut on FB given a few links to friends and a search of their surname.

Brilliant resource.


I use it purely as a method of personally abusing people too far away to do it face to face and grading oppos wives and girlfriends. it's excellent.
The unofficial Royal Marines site on FB is run by a seventeen yr old dope smoking arse hole named Jesus[save me please] try "Royal Marines and Their Oppos" full of corp pissed booties and a Canadian named Veronica who has been adopted by the lads


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I'm friends with quite a few people from here on twatbook and they're all cunts. I like them though and the vast majority of them are ginger.
Following the advent of Goggle+ FB has offered settings which allow you to group your friends and select which groups / friends see what you've posted. Most people on there don't use this feature.
WB, give it a wide berth as it is full of cranially challenged fucknoodles, just take a look at who has admitted to being members on this thread, it is also a well-known source of malware.

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