Discussion in 'The Internet - Best and Worst' started by Carrolannabelle, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. One of the many socail networking sites we all love and hate. Personally I love the site. Mind saying that a few others on her also do by the looks of things. Is it a site for the young and robust or do many golden oldies have a facebook profile too?
  2. I have a profile on Facebook and have lots of fun using it.I'm 53 so does that mean I'm a Golden Oldie or just tarnished?
  3. donu depend if ur on of the golden oldies that try adding me becuse i swallow or are part of some group lol. hmm would say its upto u if ur a golden oldie or just tarnished coz ur as young as the person u feel lol.
  4. How rude lol :p
  5. Me too, Got it touch with loads of old mates. Like friends Reunited on speed!!!

  6. Huh? lol
  7. :wink: :wink: same as :roll:
  8. so would it be worth me setting up a RR group on facebook??
  9. I'm on facebook and twitter. I use both for free networking and marketing for my company. It does work too which is good. Also I've caught up with many shipmates I've not seen in a while which is great.
  10. Ive never heard of it n im 18 am shocked lol mind my sister keeps on about its. I think shes got a profile on every networkin site going.
  11. Could be a good idea!!! what about your name ?? if people want to stay anon!!! /avatars. We have a Buccaneer Group on facebook
  12. Hmm im not sure. it could be set as a private group and people have to be invited into it and if they wanted to remain annon then they could simply reject invitaion.
  13. Twitter is ideal for easy marketing and networking. It's simple and less rubbish to deal with which comes with facebook.

    All it is status updates. You can follow people and people can follow you. You have a sort of profile. But for people like me you can search for keywords in people/ companies status'. For example someone found me cos they searched nautical charts as I used those keywords in my status. I also use it to distribute my current newsletter to followers. Also you can forward on other peoples status so their followers can see it. So if you have 100 followers and one followers forward on your status and they have 3000 followers then that's another 3,000 people who can now see what you've just written in your status and so on and so if one of those followers forward on your status.

    Social Media Network/Marketing is good thing for business' to tap into
  14. It's just a "what you are doing" Social Site basically which is why so many celebs use it and business'
  15. There already is one. :wink:
  16. Just found it :lol:
  17. will ahve to find it late when im on my laptop cnt get on at 6th form. Have to use my fone .
  18. See that good looking bloke? Yeah the only good looking one. That's me that is.
  19. Can't see that good looking bloke yet I'm waiting to be allowed to join the group lol

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