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Any Jacks or Jennies who are members of Facebook might be interested to know that there is a special setting for anchor-faced barstewards like you (and me).

At the bottom of your Profile page, next to the Facebook copyright log, there is a link to change your language setting (most likely to be set to "English (US)" at the moment). Click and change to "English (Pirate)"...

Aaahaarrr, mateys! :wink:
Yes i agree with Zoid! haha
My entire friends list went through a stage a few months ago of changing theirs into pirate language- it was a bloody nightmare, luckily the novelty wore off.
I'm still happily using the Matelot version of Mac OSX (Portholes for Panthers). I spend much of my day emptying the gash can (litter bin), seeking help: Chief! and molesting a little Whitemouse. ;)

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