Face to Face Medical - Covid Lockdown?


My medical appeal for Asthma (oral steroids) has been accepted a month or two ago and I am awaiting for a face to face medical. My question is are the face to face medicals still taking place during covid-19 lockdown? And how long roughly is the wait for the face to face medicals during lockdown? I am told I am currently in a que for one but not sure on the time frames.



The medicals were still happening during Lockdown 2 in most parts of the country. They will also continue in the tiered systems.
Your wait time will depend on which Branch you are applying for and the availability of medicals in your region.
The rule of thumb at the moment is once you have an entry date you will go onto the waiting medical booking list.
If there is spare capacity in your region for a medical then you may get called for a medical before your given an entry date.


I have been waiting patiently for four months

As you said, Capita just give me the response that there is a large backlog and I will be booked in when there is the availability