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Would you accept EC Yes or No?

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So the EC Signal is out at the end of the week. Word is that in certain branches if your in EC zone and P2 you will be offered an extension!! If offered would you take it? If Yes why? and if No why?
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Yes I would. Enjoying my career and have not a clue what I would do outside. This is my last shout for further EC after accepting EC5 previously, so I should probably start thinking about it.


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Must be short as they even offered it to POAEM & CPOAEM as well as tiffs. I thought the old trades were dead.

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JD, are you going to take it. Got all my paperwork sorted for it. keep me going for a little while longer andtop the pension up a little more. Takes me to just over 32 yrs and that does make me feel old.

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