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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by afcbsimon, Sep 13, 2008.

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  1. Hello all. Hopefully I have posted this in the correct place, apologies if I have'nt.

    I am trying to find some information on an ex FAA pilot for a distant relative of mine who is the son of the pilot I am seeking information on. The pilot in question was Edward Roy Kershaw (known as Roy) who joined the Navy in 1937 and then the FAA around May 1939. According to the Navy Lists he was on the active list in 1938 serving at 'P (CSE)'. Can anyone tell me what this means? Pilot's course maybe? In May 1939 it states he was serving with the FAA with a rank SL(A), Sub-Leutenant Acting? His name disappears from the April and May 1940 list but he re-appears in June 1940 under the RN Volunteer Reserve List with the rank SL and under where serving it states President. What/where is President? Why would he disappear off the list and return as a volunteer? After this he seems to flit around ships, Coventry in August 1940, Illustrious OCT/NOV/DEC 1940, Victorious Feb 1941, Empire Audacity Apr/June 1941, Merlin Aug 1941 and finally Sparrowhawk Sep 1941 to Aug 1942 when he left and joined the Air Transport Auxiliary.

    Can anyone please shed some light on any of this please? What Sqn may he have been on etc.?

    I apologise for all the questions but my field of expertise lies with the RAF! This is all very interesting and has me intrigued though!!!

  2. The Naval Historical Branch might be able to help with this too:

    Naval Historical Branch
    Admiralty Library
    Naval Historical Branch (Naval Staff)
    No 24 Store (pp 20)
    Main Road
    HM Naval Base Portsmouth
    PO1 3LU

    Tel: 023 92 724327 or 725300
    Fax: 023 92 724003
  3. Hms Victorious was being fitted out on the Tyne in Feb 1941 after being Launched in I939. The first aircraft to arrive on board, by way of the dockyard crane was an Albacore in March :thumright: dont know if thats of any help :salut: later aircraft are Swordfish 825 Sqdn
  4. Hms Illustrious in Nov 1940 was launching here aicraft, on the attack of the Italian fleet at Toranto 813 815 819 824 sqdns flying Swordfish and Fulmars :salut:
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    HMS President carried thepay accounts for all sorts of officers serving at the Admiralty or on odd duties that didn't fit in anywhere else, or on leave between appts etc etc. Also, officers at RNC Greenwich were borne on President's books - possibly this officer was doing a course there. During the war it ran knife and fork courses for a variety of newly-entered officers, as well as other things.
  6. Thanks to all for your invaluable information. It all goes towards building a clearer picture.

    I have found out that Merlin and Sparrowhawk were in fact RNAS Airfields and Audacity, Victorious and Illustrious were all carriers which would make sense as this guy was a pilot.

    All I need to do now is find out if he was on flying duties whilst serving on these ships and if so with what squadron.

  7. If that guy flew at Toranto, in my eyes he is Immortal :salut: :salut:
  8. Simon have you thought of ringing the FAA Museum at Yeovilton? Or better still visiting.I would be very suprised if they didnt help you further. They have archives and the like.......
  9. Hi Scouse,

    I have checked the Taranto records online and he does not appear on the flight crew list for the Swordfish but they mention aircraft acting as fighter cover but don't mention the crew, maybe he was one of those. I suppose the only way to check that is find the Sqn involved and check their Operational Record Book or Sqn Diary.


    I did contact Yeovilton but they said that without his service number or Sqn details then they would not be able to do anything. I have his service record on order so that should clear up a few issues hopefully.

  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Don't place to high a hope on his service records, I ordered both my Fathers and my Father in Laws, to say that the details were sketchy would be a vast undeerstatement, still to be fair I suppose there were other things more important that record keeping going on :thumright:
  12. Your spot on Scouse, 806 Fulmars provided top cover for the Taranto raid. Maybe Yeovilton will be able to check details for that day if not I will have to go to Kew and check the files there.


    I know what you mean about the service records, its the same for the RAF service records. I am hoping it states what Sqn's he was on other than just where he was serving as I got that information from the Navy Lists.

  13. Have PMd you.

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