FAA Field Gun Crew

Trying to trace a few guys from the 1977 crew, I know it's a long shot but thought worth a try and both
email addresses from the FAAGC site bounced back at me.

Looking for any contact info on the following names
Jimmy Greene
Paddy "Japs" Craig
Rabb Orr

Plus one other old oppo of mine who was at Yeovil, Tony Masters.
My email is [email protected] if anyone has any info.

Many thanks
SK824, if click on the 'links' link!!!! There are more places on there you may be able to try. ACA, bombheads assoc and many more. The guys you search for may belong or be known by someone on there!!!

Good hunting!! By the way have you tried Facebook? Forces Re-United et al?
I'm pretty sure Rab is a member of the FAAFGC Association. I've seen him at a few reunions. If it's the same Jimmy Green I'm thinking of he's also a stalwart.

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