FAA faces a 4year gap in AEW and still not fixed wing

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. Cant they just cut out the Searchwater/ radar thingy and superglue it into a Merlin? Why not bring back the Gannet that way everyone will be happy providing the gannet has VSTOL capability....otherwise its back to trap and cat
  2. The RN faced the same dilemma when they decided to phase out the AEW Gannet!

    Anyway!!! I though the good old Brylcreme Boys could cover everything!!!!!! Just mention there will be a photo shoot or mega PR and they will promise anything!!!!
  3. Yes. 10
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Oh good another ballsup.
  5. I can`t understand why their using the word may.
    Surely its will.
    Are they hoping that come 2016 some mythical device that they`ve not sanctioned, ordered, procured, bought (delete as inappropriate) will be provided in a good-will gesture by some friendly donor ?
  6. You would have thought that the powers that be, and the Admiralty realized this after the Falklands and NOT let a lack of AEW result in the almost criminal loss of four good ships and member of their crews. And, with the way things are going in the US and NATO relying upon them for long-range AWACS support is folly. Get the damned cats and wires on those ships...purchase the E-2 Hawkeye NextGen and a couple of C-2s...BUY more DDs/FFs to support not only your QE-class CVs, but also your amphibious ships.
    All the best to the Royal Navy! There are a lot of Americans that will stand with you!
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  7. Agreed, they should be using the words 'will never happen'.
  8. Unfortunately none in either the Treasury or the MoD.........
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  9. You mean something like this that is being put forward by Augasta Westlands

    Or for a more elaborate solution maybe the Lockheed martin Tack-on


    Both have their merits witha AW you get Cheap, low risk, and no need to retrain WSO's on new equipment. Only drawback is relying on the Crabs to hand over the cabs and the cabs to be marinised. LM will require Merlins to be upgraded to HM2????

    BTW how is the Merlin handover going???
  10. And thats the only drawback is it ?
    How about a helicopter knocks around at 5,000ft and burns a prodigeous amount of fuel, while a proper AWACS set up can fly at 35,000ft, cover a million times the area, and stop up for nearly a day.
    If we had out about us it`d be a drone with the command/control malarky done shipboard, seeing as we`re in the 21st century. It seems we`re making giant strides backwards with this make do and mend attitude.
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  11. SV-22 and CV-22 "Osprey. AEW/ASW/tanker and COD. Was considered as an H-3 and S-3 replacement at one time.
  12. Rocket Ron
    It may have escaped your notice but the country is more skint than a Rabbi's Tadger. Of course it aint ideal but its all we can afford. Suck it up
  13. It did escape my attention, i mean, how skint can we be when we`re subsidising India`s space programme or Pakistan`s nuclear procurement programme. The top 10% of our country saw their wealth increase by 33% last year. We`ve given around £350bn to the banks. We`re giving £60m a day to Europe.
    Skint, you`re having a laugh.
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  14. Does take some getting your head round doesn't it!!!!!
  15. Italian Navy has an AEW version Merlin - EH101 - Mk112


  16. It would be silly to use that, we must have BAE waste billions to investigate and reinvent it, its the British way.
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  17. I don't think that a rotary-wing based AEW platform is suitable for the QE-class CVs. First of all, the Italian Navy likely has no plans to deploy it's carrier outside the Med and the Merlin is more than adequate for the missions that their carrier is likely to carry out. Secondly, the Italians will have the advantage of having land-based NATO E-3 coverage and land-based KC-767 tankers for refuelling their Sea Harrier (F-35B) aircraft. In the case of the RN, a more robust multi-mission aircraft is required to meet their strategic and tactical goals of a "blue-water" CVBG that can not only contribute to NATO commitments, but also more long-range tasks (Falklands).
    ACG V-22 Osprey - Give us your design. - Page 3 - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History

    I am not really anyone of consequence, and I am sure that men much wiser than I have considered these alternatives, but in my mind it would make a lot of sense for the UK to re-consider their air group compliment if they have decided to drop the "cat and trap" CV and go with a through-deck/ski ramp configuration. I personally think that this is one step forward and two back to NOT pursue the "cat/trap". However, if this is the case a multi-mission V-22 offers an off-the-shelf design ready to operate NOW. Not only would this aircraft offer the RN an excellent platform for AEW/ASW/COD, it also offers the opportunity to configure the aircraft for Combat rescue and support of special operations(SAS/SBS/RM).
    If I was an officer in the Royal Navy, I would be writing every officer and minister a letter with a detailed study on how to incorporate this amazing aircraft into the Forces the UK. Any deployment of these carriers without a fully-equipped air group would be irresponsible and downright criminal.
  18. You hit the nail square on the head...The MoD seems determined to go back a generation rather than moving forward and has wasted precious funds in doing so. The RN already had a credible capability with the ships and aircraft they already possessed and then prematurely retired them. Going forward, it appears that the QE-class is going to be just an enlarged "Invincible-class" with better accommodations!
  19. Subsunk

    Subsunk Badgeman Book Reviewer

    It's shit watching history repeat itself. I never thought I'd express the sentiment but I feel for the baggers- they just get on with it and deliver effect. However, that will soon be taken care of by levels above common sense.

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