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Hi, im thinking about joining the RN in an engineering role, and ive been looking at the eyesight requirements for each role on http://www.assoc-optometrists.org/services/visual/visual_1010162371.html

My eyes are a bit dodge(not terrible, but not good either), and Im just wondering why the FAA engineering roles only require level III eyesight, whereas all the others require level II. Seems kind of odd to me, I would have thought, if anything, working on aircraft would need better eysight. Any reason for this difference? or is it just an error on that website?


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Hi John and welcome to the site, I have absolutely no idea what the answer is but I know a man who may so I am transferring your post across to Newbies where our resident expert can enlighten.


Info on that website is out of date.

Standards for aircrew are higher, but engineering roles are the same whether air engineer or not (with the exception of colour perception, which must be higher for air engineers).


Without going into the intricacies of it, you don't need to have fantastic vision for engineering. As long as you're not blind your should be ok!

PM me if you want specifics.

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