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  1. http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=63933 Fairey Swordfish (pilot, Rear Admiral P. D. Gick; observer, Rear Admiral H. R.
    Janvrin; telegraphist/air gunner, Lt Cdr C. Topliss).
    Wasps of 829 Sqn (Lt Cdr K. Mitchell) and 771 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. R. J. Rutherford).
    12 Wessexes of 819 Sqn (Lt Cdr P. J. Lynn), 706 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. E. Kelly), 737 Sqn
    (Lt Cdr R. Leonard) and 829 Sqn.
    Gannets of 849 Sqn (Lt Cdr W. H. Barnard) and 831 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. G. Grindle).
    12 Hunters of 738 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. W. Beard) and 759 Sqn (LtCdrA. H. Milnes).
    12 Scimitars of 803 Sqn (Lt Cdr P. G. Newman) and 736 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. Worth).
    12 Sea Vixens of 899 Sqn (Cdr D. C. Matthews), 890 Sqn (Lt Cdr R. G. M.Campbell)
    and 766 Sqn (Lt Cdr G. P. Carne).
    12 Buccaneers of 800 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. C. Mather) and 809 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. F. H. C. De Winton)
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    NB the opaque visor on the Bucaneer observer's bone dome. To keep out overdose of sunshine I take it.

  3. Photo from a display.

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  4. Did manage to find the same car , and owner when I worked for Rolls Royce, was nearly scrapped off!!! But is being restored...ps the number plate has been changed , from NA 39 it is owned by Peter Harris from Warfield in Berkshire , the photo needs rotating ,
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  5. D'you think ;)
  6. ScouseCar.jpg


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