FAA babes at airshows...SEAMS like it at Mildenhall 96

Dear ALL

WOuld some1 kindly answer a question; what is with a WO from the FAA present at Mildenhall USAF Air Fete 1996, who was wearing seamed stockings with her uniform. However she was in her late 40s, she looke d a dime to me.

Thought she was part of WREN association, but she was modern and regular.

ANy WRENS wear SEAMS here?

Jayhawk 8)

Do you mean Wren Officer or Warrant Officer, because I cannot believe that a Warrant Officer WRN could possibly look good, whether in stockings or not!! :lol:
That was a Warrant Officer, as I recognised th badge on her sleeve, she definitely was not a commissioned officer.

ANy WRENs currently serving wear SEAMS at alL with their uniforms?

Not Wrens, we are serving females thankyou!

I don't know any serving females who wear stockings but I do know of one who used to use a black eye liner down the back of her tights to make it look like........................oh hang on, that was my gran in the 40's!
Sorry Jenny_Dabber

Do beg your pardon........please forgive me Im just recounting what i saw and forgive the use of 'wren' terminology. And being observant, i am pretty sure what I saw were FFs.

And in answer to Function, umm what gentleman would not be observant or excited, interested in a lady , espeically wearing stockings!!

Kind regards

Apologies again, i'll keep schtum......the only time my eyse are painted on are on Halloween and being made of wood, I hasten to add only the best mahogany!!!

Take care


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