FAA and RAF Merger

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by slim, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. As an old and bold ex FAA rating I reckon what I am about to say will wind up more than those who just may agree.
    Is it time to combine the FAA and the RAF?
    Forget about the traditions, we seem to be living and working alongside our crabfat brethren doing the same job and I believe that now their maintainers even go to sea.
    So why not have one Air wing to serve all services. Yes even teeny weenie airways, the army air core.

    Awaiting incoming.
  2. No Way Slim!!!!!!!!!! OVER MY DEAD BODY :thumright: Wafu forever Crabfat NO :roll: :thumright:
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  3. The RAF need to justify there existance, they are even trying for our Apache!!....the cheek of it!
  4. It has been my belief for a long time that the merging of all the UK's air assets would be inevitable.

    I also reckon the old days of a Coastal Command Force would be on the cards.

    The defence of our Isles are more important than huge PR aircraft carriers showing the flag around a world we no longer dominate and generaly costing billion of hard earned $$$$$!

    All that from a WAFU too!!!!
  5. :thumright: They can probably arrange that you old fart :thumright:
  6. There is every possibility that all fixed winged aircraft will be crab controlled,

    what, or rather, how many fixed wing Pilots do we have? Four for RAF Harriers?
  7. Once we lose the fixed wing the rotary will go. A sad day however it does make economic sense
  8. Poor Sentenashi or whatever, ending up a Crab, or shelf stacker.
  9. When I first saw this thread, I thought "what the fcuk some idiot spouting off again", but think about it - this leads me to "waspies" thread which also has merits .......... I donno times are a changing . ?
  10. Somehow the idea of a merger involving the FAA and RAF does not appeal. Each Service has its own specialities and skills. The one size fits all mentality may save costs, but at what price? I have nothing against the FAA and realise that working on a carrier is very demanding.
  11. I doubt the FAA will completey dissapear by the time I'm 18.

    My opinion: The FAA and RAF should remain seperate.
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  12. Still does not answer the question, How many Fixed Wing Pilots have we got flying RAF Harriers?
  13. Now could the reason for this be that crabs dislike leaving the comfort of their respective shore side accommodation to serve in a far less comfortable sea going environment.
    Lets face it Crab Aircrew have being flying from RN decks for 50 years. We had at least four on 800 in 1965 (and good aircrew they were as well especially mini crab Dave Lasky).
    We did give a trip to four RAF sgts for a few days on Ark Royal 1976, they were appalled with the living conditions and could't wait to get off.
  14. Ok whats next ALL armed services merged....one ugly uniform...one style of rank badge.....ask the Canadians what they thought of that when they went down that road....

    As for AUS FAA.....one day we might get our fixed wing aircraft back and a carrier....
  15. Didn't the Canadians merge there forces years back.

    I seem to remember 2 Canuk exchanges Obs on 819. They were Canadian Armed Forces.

    Then later I hear they, (the Canuks), returned back to having a naval arm and a seperate air force!
  16. Yeah thats right Waspie...did you see my last?
  17. I have now - sorry. Should have paid more attention.

    (This is going to be a long night shift I can tell). :banghead:
  18. Night shift eh? Sunshine here the girls are half naked and the blokes still drunk....yep just another sat am in OZ!
  19. seem to remember from my history classes that this was tried between the world wars and nearly cost britain the second world war,just a memory.

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