FAA and RAF kills post WW2

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by TeddyT, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. I'm trying to find the total number of FAA air-to-air kills since WW2, and the RAF kills in the same period. Part of an arguement with some crab friends of mine. I know we have far more, but need some evidence.
    Thanks in advance...
  2. I heard an unconfirmed dit that the only RAF air to air kill since Korea was when one of their Phantoms smoked one of their Jaguars over Germany by accident.

    Like I said it is unconfirmed but knowing the RAF it is probably true.
  3. Yes, on 25 May 1982 a Jaguar GR.1 (XX963/AL) of 14 Squadron was shot down 35 miles north-east of Bruggen by 92 Squadron Phantom FGR.2 (XV422) using a AIM-9L. Pilot ejected safely.

    I've heard that there was another, similar, incident too.
  4. Well that has just made my day! :D

    Any idea how this happened?
  5. The Phantom pilot (Sqn Ldr Roy Lawrence, Nav: Alistair Inverarity) failed to remember that the aircraft was loaded with live sidewinder missiles and lauched one. He was able to warn the Jaguar pilot, Sqn Ldr Steve Griggs, who ejected safely before impact.
    Both were taking part, in separate, exercises. The Phantom felt like a bit of 1-on-1 on the way home with the Jag. After manouvering into position for a kill he pressed the trigger. The Squadron had run out of red tape (!) to warn the pilot he was carrying live missiles.

    Just got all this from google; does anyone know anymore???
  6. During the late 1970s a Lightning F.2A , piloted by Sqn Ldr M. Valasek, shot down a Harrier GR.3. Sqn Ldr Valasek had ejected[2] but the Harrier kept flying. Rather than risk the plane crashing in an unknown area, it was shot down.
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    FAA Sea Fury bagged a MiG over Korea.
  8. Ah the old how many kills have we got line!!

    RAF pilots have actually only had 2 confirmed kills in RAF aircraft since WWII. These were the 2 Egyptian Spitfires destroyed in 1948 by RAF Spits when Britain was trying to disengage from the Palestine region as Israel was created.

    In contrast, FAA pilots have killed a total of 18 aircraft whilst flying RN aircraft since WWII (Hoagy Carmichael’s MiG-15 kill during Korea whilst flying a Sea Fury and the 17 assorted kills from Sea Harriers in the Falklands).

    However, RAF pilots have gained a further 12 confirmed kills whilst seconded to other services (6 flying USAF F-86s in Korea and 6 whilst flying RN Sea Harriers during the Falklands War). A further 4 kills were made by Canadian nationals who were still in the RAF and flying USAF Sabres in Korea. Additionally, there is at least one ‘undeclared kill’ which is known to have taken place by an RAF Javelin against an Indonesian C-130 during the Indonesian Confrontation but which was never acknowledged for political reasons. There are rumours of at least one other but I've not included it.

    Therefore, if you consider purely confirmed RN kills in RN aircraft v confirmed RAF kills in RAF aircraft, the FAA wins hands down 18-2. However, if we consider total numbers of kills by the 2 services’ aircrew, then the RAF could be argued to enjoy a slight edge over the RN at 18 to 19.

    However, who cares as long as the bad guys are being splashed?!

    For completeness I should also mention a few others (although these are not counted in the above tally). As well as the shooting down of the Harrier GR3 and accidental Jag kill (the circumstances of which incidentally were slightly more convoluted than suggested by Teddy!) an RAF Tornado GR1 allegedly destroyed an Iraqi MiG-29 with JP233 sub munitions during the latter’s take off run on the first night of GW1. However, as it had probably never unstuck from the runway, I won’t count that one (likewise, a RN SHAR pilot killed a Pucara awaiting to take off at Goose Green in 82)! RAF AWACS also controlled 3 of the 6 NATO kills (2 x F-15C and 1 x F-16C all against MiG-29s) over Serbia during the Kosovo War in 1999.

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