Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. So is the FAA Seaborne Capabilities, all Rotary in the future ??? :dontknow:
  2. surely not.. :wink:
  3. Happened to the Aussie FAA in 82
  4. does this mean the Elizabeth class carriers will be scrapped do to there being no need of a run way and possibly more helicopter carriers such as ocean?
  5. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    E-goat is reporting all remaining Harrier Sqdns to Wittering before Apr 2011, Cottesmore closes by 2013, they had a clear lower deck today apparently.

    Considering there isn't possibly enough room at Wittering to accomodate all of the Harrier support operations - LITS, IPT, BAe HPAC, Logistical Support, Married Quarters etc, etc I've deduced that the Harriers will be gone at the same time Cottesmore closes, so FAA will be rotary wing only by 2013.

    It's just a theory and I'm still trying to work out where exactly 3 more Sqdns are going to find enough hangar and line space at Wittering, let alone office space!

    Makes you wonder how they intend to man those carriers in 20xx doesn't it?
  6. :roll: curioser and curioser!!! how many Harriers, does the FAA have at its command??? 800 sqdn NSW etc :wink:
  7. i, the wife and the kids are wearing a black armband made from the freshly shaved pussy (feline - not mrs SS monkey) as a mark of respect.

    now known as the black vstol day on the families longcast
  8. dont even mention that name on today of all days :x :x :x
  9. Have the answer to my above :cry: :cry: There will be 20 Airframes. 8 deployable with each Sqn. 14 Pilots on each Sqn.
  10. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I do remember suggesting that 801 will never exist again over a year ago although I was taking the p!ss, pains me to have been right :evil:
  11. To add a new slant to the rumour, some of my mates have been speaking about a zoomie return to VL, not likely to happen, but as we junglies are getting old RAF merlin airframes, the MOD are discussing a move for us to Culdrose!
  12. I really cannot believe the diff from when I joined..........1973 to when I left 1997 and today.....
  13. Welllllll…

    Didn't some FAA Sqns spend their time with dry feet flying Spitfires during WWII?

    800 Naval Air (Typhoon) Squadron anyone?
  14. Some maybe but not ALL
  15. True, it's 1918 all over again, ain't it?
  16. I believe a few of your fraterity are paying us a visit down here in the very near future as a scoping exercise.

    Makes sense to have Merlin Main Base Support, Depth, Workshops etc and all Merlin airframes in the same place IMO.
  17. For me 801 died on 31 March 2006, as did Naval Fixed-Wing Aviation. Cott/Witt was always a stop-gap to my mind.

    I'm sure I've made the right decision to jump. Will the last person to leave the FAA please turn the light out.
  18. :evil:

    i agree - 31st of march is a solemn affair in my house. my wife has hit upon the good idea of wearing nothing but my 801 surcoat, cumberbund and FDH with the crest on the back for a spot of early turn-too lower-deck-loving. gets me through the day :(
  19. The Junglies were at CU when I started the Junglie circuit in the early 70's. 707, 845 & 848 not forgetting 846. They moved to VL in 72/73 I believe.
  20. Dunno where we'd fit 400 pax and all the cabs and GSE, mind you. No spare hangarage, no spare SLA, SFA is topped out (Bulwark Rd estate sold off years ago).

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