FAA Aircraft and Helicopters Nicknames!!!!

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. Here is my starter Blackburn Buccaneer.... Banana Jet :wink: 'BNA' or 'BANA' (for Blackburn Naval Aircraft or Blackburn Advanced Naval Aircraft) in many documents. Inevitably this led to the design being called the 'Banana Jet' by some workers, a name that would persist throughout the jet's service career! .... Over to you.
  2. I'll play!!!!

    Wasp = Budgie or Petrol Pigeon

    Nimrod = Dimrod
  3. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Shackleton - 4 million rivets flying in close formation
  4. Paraffin parrot?
  5. Apparently, Wooka Wooka (or should that be Wokka Wokka, or even WOCA 8O ) is a term that the excitable and somewhat effeminate use.
  6. Sea Harrier - Mighty Shar

    GR Harrier - Just a Har
  7. F***ing noisy b'stards was prob the most common name from a Fishhead point of view.
    And generally even worse, if the Skipper had wings , and always had flying stations at JR mealtimes !!

  8. Chopper?
  9. No complaints when the fresh bread and mail came on board by chopper though I assume!!!!!! :wink:

    'Flying stations at meal times.' I always liked the way the SR's and officer let the JR Woo's away for dinner!! :roll:

    As a ex Wafu I always wondered why the stokers RASed at meal times. Nothing like transfering FFO over liver and onions!! :lol: :lol:
  10. Our Wasp was called .............Maxies Taxi
  11. Got to have Stringbag and Shagbat in there somewhere.
  12. And its CABs not Choppers! how else were the pigs to get around.
  13. All the ships I served in, the Chefs (bless 'em) used to bake the bread on board !
    As for mail, we usually were alongside (collected by the Reggies - bless'em too .... cough !!) or had it dropped by Crabair off of Biera.
    Helos were the jolly boats ferrying all the woo rabbits back to their stations at the end of deployment weren't they ? ;)
  14. Scimitar....... SKY METER :wink:
  15. And getting jack ashore for compassionate reasons! :?
  16. Gazelle....Whistling chicken leg or Plastic pursuit ship.
  17. Vixen - Foxylady
    Gannet - Janet. Cod Gannet - Posties Pigion or 849 Sqn run ashore bus.
  18. Oh yes
    Some Times Devons, sometime sea prince,s - The Clipper
  19. Nice one Fred..... not forgetting the Heron as well :wink:
  20. One for the oldies.
    Avenger - the chuff.

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