FA to discuss penalty shootoouts to decide drawn league game

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by greenking, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. Sorry - heard this on 5 Live this morning, so no link I am afraid!! Also sure it is not a 'burning issue' and will probably be moved - but it is a current affair at the moment!!!

    The FA are discussing today whether to have penalty shoot outs at the end of drawn league games to decide a winner. I think this is the wrong way of looking at it. Fans want to see more goals so I think the FA should reward teams for scoring them irrespective of the result. Therefore, maintain the current point system we have (3 for a win and 1 for a draw) but award a team a point for each goal it scores in each match. Will lead to large points totals, but surely a better idea and a way to encourage more goals.


  2. Re: FA to discuss penalty shootoouts to decide drawn league

    So it would be technically possible to lose every game you play, but still finish in the top half of the league due to goals scored? Sounds completely ridiculous, I'm sure the FA will love it.
  3. Not really scribes, think about it - if you lose all your games, that means all the other teams beat you and therefore not only got points for goals but also got 3 points for the win when your team got none fore a loss........
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    why fix something that isn't broken? the football league works well and everyone knows where they stand.

    As opposed to the Rugby where you can finish top of the league on points gained over the whole season, yet lose the "playoffs" and come 3rd or 4th, how farcical is that?
  5. Going the way of the USA loads of scoring and you cannot have a draw, see Grid Iron Football and Basketball to two favorite male games in the USA.

    Not for us thank you.


    Why not be radical and reduce the size of the goal and do away with goalkeepers????????
  6. I think it's a ridiculous idea, but, if a drawn game is to be decided on penalties then how about only giving two points for that win, that would discourage weaker teams from playing for a draw and hopeing to win on penno's.
  7. Or keep the goalkeeper and make the goal bigger.
  8. Re: FA to discuss penalty shootoouts to decide drawn league

    Here's something I've noticed:

    The 90 minutes of open play usually contain all of the injuries, all the scraps and all the disputed decisions.

    So how about just deciding the game on penalties and scrapping the actual 90 minutes worth of play (actually, more like 30 mins)?

    All that time spent on training and fitness could also be used by players for other things like getting a job, the millionaire primas couldn't justify their wages, we could spend more time in the pub before and after the match etc etc.

    I know it sounds crap, but you can bet that someone in FIFA or UEFA is thinking about it . . .
  9. Toss a coin and play old matches on the TV. SORTED

  10. Well it would be technically possible for a strong attacking side with a weak defence, like Newcastle in the 90's, to lose most of their games but still score a load of goals. So while unlikely, it's feasible to lose most games and still finish high in the league under this system.

    BUT, not very likely. About as likely as a small Welsh mining town beating the All-Blacks. Oh wait a minute....
  11. Agreed Scribes - but that's the point of my suggestion. If the FA wants to encourage teams to score goals (for entertainment) the sensible thing is to reward doing so. It could be argued that penalties at the end of a draw could have the opposite effect with weaker teams playing for a draw to try and win on penalties.

    I believe with my system, even if a team loses, as long as they score they get something out of the game and their opposition (the winners) will always get more because they get points for their goals as well as 3 for the win.

    Therefore, encouraging teams to score goals.........
  12. Just can't see it ever working. Stuff your team with first-class attacking midlfielders and forwards, play the most ridculous attacking formation you can, score loads of goals in every game, even though you lose. Your opposition only score loads of goals when they play you. You win the league on points despite never winning a match because you lost 5-4 and scored twice as many goals as anyone else in the league throughout the season.

    I guarantee someone will try it, and if they don't win they will finish quite high. Which will enourage others to try and after a season you'll be seeing basketball scores.
  13. Re: FA to discuss penalty shootoouts to decide drawn league

    I reckon we should play multiball like in the bud adverts then we would have more goals :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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