F35B Lightning two

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by FAAFLYNAVY, Sep 26, 2013.

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  1. First squadron of the F35B if it ever comes to fruition is to be called 809 "immortal" squadron.
  2. Nice one trigger.
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  3. I suggest it may be the second as the crabs beat us to it when naming their squadron, 617 dumb-bastards!

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  4. Of course you're correct, I was specifically referring to the FAA.
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  5. Cool story, bro.
  6. Immortal is the sqn motto, not the name. Given their age they may now be known as the bunch with the paunch....
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  7. Please God, lets not call the UK F35 whatever-suffix-letter the Lightning II. It's like calling jumped up Septic kids things like Algernon Winthrop the 3rd. And are we supposed to start calling venerable and auspicious Air Squadrons (Crab and WAFU) names like bloody American "football" teams? OK, the dead dog Sqn became the Dam Busters because of national acclaim at the time but that doesn't have to translate to every badge on the sodding Order of Battle.
  8. Harrumph! (several times to fit the rules).

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