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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SONAR-BENDER, May 25, 2012.

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  1. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    A piss poor paper written by someone no longer taken seriously in the corridors of power.
  2. Don't sit on the fence - say what you really mean.

    Even as a non Wafu, I can see that parts of it are valid.
  3. maybe so ..but that not matters a jot, you or your likes could never hold a candle to him, he has done it and got the tee shirt, to prove it. Dont diss the pilot, he has more balls than you will ever have....rant over
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  4. Yeah; and he's not massively embittered at all now, is he.....??

    Purple Twiglet is bang on the money - Ward is veiwed as a deranged old idiot by the elders and betters. And he did a good job in a wartime environment in the Falklands you say?? There are 20 year olds doing exactly the same day in day out in Garmsir right now, and I don't notice any snivelling, sycophantic, toadying, hero-worship heading their way.................

    Shame really, because someone who could have been an icon for the FAA has now ended up embarrassing it. Have you seen "The Phoenix Think Tank" - second rate bilge at best. After about 4 months anyone with a star or more quietly slid away, leaving Sharkey and his buddy Alexander Clarke looking like the pair of f**kwits that some might allege they are..........
  5. Whoops! As I said, I'm no Wafu - I just thought it seemed like a reasonable argument. Looks like we are going to get one now! I have NO idea who Sharkey Ward is or was - enlightenment?
  6. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "maybe so ..but that not matters a jot, you or your likes could never hold a candle to him, he has done it and got the tee shirt, to prove it. Dont diss the pilot, he has more balls than you will ever have....rant over"

    Scouse - you are entitled to your opinion. I'll merely say that I've been on enough operations, and been under hostile fire enough times, and been working on foot outside the wire enough times to feel that I've got my own tee shirt thanks. I would also suggest that there are thousands of matelots and marines serving today who can say the same thing.

    Sonar - Sharkey Ward is a fighter pilot who did a good job in the Falklands. He later wrote a book which portrayed his war, and made him quite a few enemies. He has squandered his legacy as a talented and brave fighter pilot on a increasingly futile quest to make the Navy do what he wants. His efforts to push the harrier cause have increasingly made him a figure of ridicule, and his association with well respected Admirals is damaging both their reputations. He is unable to write objective assessments, and his seething hatred of anything light blue means he is merely a figure of mockery now among those still serving. The reputation he had has been squandered for little tangible result.
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  7. Have to agree with PT's previous comment.

    It is a new Navy now and what has now become Sharkeys 'rants' are not convincing anyone. The future is in the hands of the present aviators not the past. No one will argue that Sharkey put on an admirable display of flying ability and bravery 30 years ago but that was then. The F35 is not the Harrier nor ever will be.
  8. Uh - OK!

    Now, as an aside, several years ago on an exped, I actually met and dived with a Harrier jock called Sharkey. He was somewhat disabled (ejection?). Could this be the same guy?
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  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    VG paper I thought, especially about the limitations of the proposed landing method, and the misinformation stuffed into the Secdef.

    Ad hominem attacks on the author merely demonstrate that the attacker has no valid counter-argument.

    And whatever the chaps are doing now, they are not doing it off a carrier in heavy weather.
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  10. Yep sharkey lost three of his fellow pilots in that campaign due to the appalling weather conditions [b5, b6] - Two Sea Harriers of No.801 NAS, HMS Invincible lost in bad weather, presumably by collision, south east of Falklands (9.00 am). Lt Curtiss and Lt Cmdr Eyton-Jones RN lost. [b15] - Sea Harrier of No.800 NAS, HMS Hermes crashed into sea north east of Falklands shortly after take-off and exploded (7.55 pm). Lt Cmdr Batt RN killed. Also one lucky escape, in the bad weather [b29] - Sea Harrier of No.801 NAS, HMS Invincible ready for take-off, slid off the deck as the carrier turned into wind to the east of Falklands (3.50 pm). Lt Cmdr Broadwater RN ejected and was safely picked up.

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  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Yep so shut the **** up has beens. This man has the adulation of the media and is a God. Oh, to wipe the sweat from his brow.

    If anyone here has served before Herrick and the onset of the chocolate gongs your views are invalid, please move along. Todays warriors are ace, no need to look back at history, they do no wrong.
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  12. They're also not doing it against hostile aircraft or credible anti aircraft defences .........

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