F1 v Motogp

I have always preferred bike racing over F1 anyday, but then being a biker I am no doubt a tad biased.

I was over in Italy last weekend for the WSBK at Misano and the second race was superb with Johnny Rea just about clinching his first ever WSBK win from Fabrizio and Haga.

Cars are just so boring most of the time.
That last lap at Catalunya was breathtaking, almost as good as the duel between Rossi and Stoner at Laguna Seca last year till the young Oz fell off.
F1 will never come close for thrills like that.
I watched that MotoGP race and that lap was breathtaking. Pissed all over F1 IMO which has been boring for too many years now. I have only watched F1 because of Hamilton & now Button, but the moment there's no British interest it won't get a look in.
witsend said:
Is it just me, but are the commentators better covering motogp? Its like two mates covering a football match.
Too right and the best ones are without doubt the pairing of Jamie Whitham and Jack Burnicle who remind me very much of Murray Walker and James Hunt in the way they banter with each other.

BBC I always find very boring and hate their commentary team even though Suzi is very attractive, the actual race commentators are boring as eck.
I thoroughly enjoy all wheeled sports. But the WSB and BSB get my vote for most enjoyable.

F1 is good to watch after you switch off from all the political bollox.

BTCC, has to be the best four wheel racing. I do try to get to Silverstone or Thruxton at least once a year if not twice.
Rossi wins his 100th GP at Assen today, his unfurling of the banner at the end was funny as fook. The battle for 6th which Toseland eventually won was worth the entry money, Laguna Seca next week , can't wait.
Stoner is deffo ill, he admits as much, hats off to Pedrosa, he still gets on the bike when he is P7R....one of these days he will stay on the bike and get a podium.
witsend said:
Rossi is a genius on a bike!!!! It was some banner for a ton up. I thought he was going to throw his lid into the crowd, but could'nt disconnect the water bottle, haha.

I felt Toseland was holding everyone up and was lucky to get the finish in the end. He looks lost in motogp, and I would'nt be surprised if he returns to WSB at the end of the season. This was the real race today, great stuff.

I can't work out if the Ducati has went backwards or if its a combination of something amiss with Stoner and the bike. He needs a few days stood down.
'has went' is a phrase footballers and football commentators, especially Northern and Scottish ones, say. It's just plainly and simply wrong and bad English.

I think you'll find you mean '...the Ducati has gone backwards', or '...the Ducati went backwards'
witsend said:
After your finished swallowing & digesting the Oxford thick one, any chance of checking my posts for spelling mistakes, since your bored? Examples of these will be "feck aff kunt, stick yer heed in a oven". :wink:
Shut it! Now off with you and post more pics of that bird with the fantastic wobbly orbs. :p
imo i enjoyed the schumacher era .. too many rule changes and its just not exciting anymore. Have loved F1 for so many years but its just not what it used to be. Loving moto GP now !!
Schumacher was good, but IMHO he could never match Ayrton Senna who was the best of his era.

Totally agree with witsend regarding Mick Doohan as that guy was a pure legend and I would say that Rossi is heading that way.
Another classic at Sachsenring, does this mean Lorenzo will move to Honda having thrown his toys out the pram with Yamaha ?.
Hayden showed in practise how to take out another rider who is getting in the way, bodycheck the bastard. :)
A good race yesterday and Lorenzo really does look good right now and is pusing Rossi for sure. Whether he stays with Yamaha is another thing mind.
However im sure Lorenzo will have his championship soon maybe 2010 , but you never know with valentino.
Donnington park this weekend, Cannot wait.
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