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Discussion in 'Motoring' started by witsend, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


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  2. So who's your money on for this year's Championship, Witsend?
  3. I shall be watching it tomorrow. If only to see how Schumacher gets on.

    I expect Button to finish absolutely nowhere and Hamilton to piss all over him.

    To be honest I have found F1 exceedingly dull for about the last 10 years and I hope this season will be a bit different. Bring back turbocharged cars I say.
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Tracks need to be sorted so that there are more overtaking chances, at the moment a lot of the time its like watching paint dry
  5. Been looking forward to this season.

    I hope team "Britain" Mclaren beat the team Krauts
  6. Agreed. There is so much other top motorsport worth watching that I don't know why people bother with F1.

    GT racing

    I took the missus to the DTM and the BTCC at Brands Hatch and they were both epic. Mika Hakkinen was driving in the DTM and it was great to see him racing again. The missus absolutely loved it and there were a few decent crashes too. We even managed to blag paddock passes and entry to the hospitality tents.
  7. 2DD I love all motorsport. That includes the F1 lol I am a petrol head
  8. I'm really into low end stuff. I used to race ministox when I was a kid which was great and I dabbled in a bit of motocross as well.

    I'm currently looking into getting a car together for this in 2011:

  9. Low end stuff reminds me of sunday league football on the local parks, I love it. But F1 I love not just because of the sport it self, I guess the lifestyle is something I can only dream of for now. I've been to Monco 2 times and driven the circuit with traffic though and it was fantastic feeling
  10. My favourite F1 cars:

    Lancia D50


    Greatest ever F1 moment:
  11. I goto say I don't aggree with Hamilton pissing all over Button. Smooth driving will be critical this year because of the new rules of no refuelling which may play nicely for Button. The extra weight of fuel will cause tyres to deteriorate much faster, and it is known from previous seasons that Hamilton is very aggressive on tyres compared to Button who is generally very smooth and slick.
    Hamilton is also not known for great car management skills, so I'm not so sure he'll be pissing all over Button like you say!
  12. I reckon that Sebastian Vettel stands a very good chance of winning this year's Championship.
  13. They're very good on short runs today, but long runs they're chewing tyres so that could hinder their chances
  14. Interesting argument and I agree with most of the points, but when it comes down to it Hamilton is a much better driver. Button is average at best, he did well last year because he had a brilliant car. I think Hamilton will adapt fairly quickly to the new rules.
  15. I've been wondering what the effect of this year's tyre changes is going to be, actually.

    a The front tyres are narrower

    b Bridgestone are using a harder compound (to compensate for the extra weight at the start)

    c Only 11 sets allowed per weekend

    d Driver must start the race with the same tyres he used to set his grid time.
  16. It's these silly rules that are killing F1.

    It is supposed to be the ultimate, fastest form of motorsport on earth. It should be anything goes to get the car around the track as fast as possible, like it used to be.

    Lotus even experimented with a gas turbine powered F1 car back in the 70s. Interesting developments like that and the 6 wheeled Tyrell will never happen again with all the current restrictions.
  17. Yeah 2_deck_dash, you got a good point on Hamilton to be fair! It'll be interesting to see how the season plays out either way....and like soleil says - I also think Vettel stands a good chance to mix things up, especially tomorrow where he's starting on pole!
  18. Definitely.

    Vettel is the one to watch.
  19. Gotta say Vettel disappointed. As Martin Brundle said, he didn't handle the mechanical problem well at all and started to really lose concentration, missing apexes and fcuking up the corners. He did well to hold onto 4th but I think a better driver wouldn't have lost as much time, as mentioned again Schumacher managed to finish second once despite being stuck in 5th gear for half the race.

    As predicted Hamilton finished well and he really outclassed his team mate. Looks like it could be quite a good season with some great cars and quite a few fantastic drivers. Here's hoping that it's not just a Ferrari one two all year.

    To quote Brundle for a 3rd, time Bruno Senna looks scarily like his old man when wearing his helmet:


  20. It's his nephew.

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