F***** over by Bronchitus?

Hey guys,

I had my medical on monday, and due to the use of an inhaler in 2008 the doctor has decided to seek out my medical records before making his decision.

The inhaler was actually used for about three weeks due to a bad batch of bronchitus, and as my CA has pointed out, chronic (I have no idea if mine counted as chronic) bronchitus can preclude entry.

I really hope I'm not about to be cock-slapped with a resounding 'Fail' due to an annoying tickly cough that lasted for bloody ages. Bugger.


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Basically, you need to be four years clear of asthma symptoms, asthma wheeze, or asthma treatment - an inhaler may well be viewed as a treatment for asthma. If you feel you were prescribed the inhaler for something other than asthma, then depending on the medical decision with regard suitability for service, it's possible you may need a letter from your GP explaining that you do not suffer from asthma - be aware if you have a previous history of asthma, prior to the bronchitis, you are unlikely to sound very convincing - under the definition of chronic (recurring).

Best of luck
The old "I was prescribed an inhaler, but didn't use it, honest Doc...it just slipped out of the box...4 years wait!!!! :cry: :cry: " gambit.


If all is as you say then a quick glance through your medical records shouldn't cause you any probs.

If there is the slightest hint of asthma then you will need to wait another year and complete a peak flow diary to prove you are not asthmatic.

By the way, it's bronchitis - but in your case was a chest infection.
Hi there, I'm in a similar situation and was prescribed an inhaler 3 years ago.
Having read this thread I made an appointment to see my GP and to find out exactly why it was prescribed.
He told me it was due to having a chest infection/wheeze, but definately not for asthma.
I've been for the initial presentation, but was told to come back in a year due to the dreaded 'inhaler'.
Having read angrydoc and Ninja_Stoker's advice should I just sit tight for another year or is it worth another visit to the AFCO?
I'm just worried I might look a bit of a know-it-all and give the impression I'm trying to tell the guy how to do his job.


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There's no point returning to the AFCO in person as the medical decision has been made & any subsequent action would rest with the Senior Medical Officer (Service Entries), Portsmiff.

There is no automatic right of appeal, however those wishing to appeal should do so in writing to the AFCO Medical Examiner, providing documented professional evidence which indicates the individual does not suffer from a condition or treatment specific to a condition.

As oft stated, you can't appeal simply because you feel it's "not fair" & again, any previous history of a condition which is a bar to entry means you're skating on thin ice if trying to appeal against a more recent diagnosis/ prescription.

Best of luck.
Thank you for the prompt reply.
As I'm just 16, another year in the grand scheme of things isn't really much to worry about.
I'll try again next year. Maybe some of the waiting times will have come down by then :wink:

Thanks again.
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